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Everything according to plan: how to make your trip unforgettable?

We don't want to sound pessimistic, but we need to face the truth: no trip will be 100% successful without a good plan. A travel checklist has long become one of the main tools of an experienced traveler: it helps to build a steep route, focus on what is really worth seeing or trying, and just correctly allocate time during the trip. It is very easy to create your own checklist: now all the most interesting checkpoints of any city are easily googled or can be found in the applications.

Madrid, Spain

● Building of the former bakery Casa de la Panaderia, which is located at the main square of Madrid. Here you can feel all the romantic atmosphere of the past, admire the unique interior, as well as enjoy the beautiful view of the Main Square.

● The Crystal Palace in the Retiro Park, which is located in the heart of Madrid. This architectural wonder is built entirely of glass and metal. It literally shines through and sparkles in the sun, like a real rock crystal.

● If you've been to Madrid and haven't tried churros, you haven't been to Madrid! This delicious national delicacy is sold here in literally every pastry shop.

Rome, Italy

● Capitol Hill is the political and religious heart of Rome. It is worth visiting here in order to momentarily feel yourself as a part of the history of the Eternal City.

● Bartolucci shop is a store where you must, if not make a souvenir purchase, at least see it with your own eyes. The Bartolucci dynasty has created amazing wooden toys and souvenirs for decades, turning the store into a real museum.

● Italians say that the most delicious Italian ice cream - gelato - is sold in the Blue Ie gelateria. Worth checking out!

Budapest, Hungary

● The Hungarian Parliament Building is the hallmark of Budapest. It is a real crime to miss it on your journey.

● The chain bridge connects Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube. A very beautiful and atmospheric place, which is recommended to visit twice: day and night, to enjoy the daytime grandeur, night illumination of the bridge.

● To taste Budapest, you need to order goulash in any institution with ethnic cuisine. Here, this hearty meat dish differs significantly from the parodies that are prepared in other countries.

Stockholm, Sweden

● The Stockholm metro is rightfully considered one of the most interesting sights of the city. The pavilion of each station is a completely new world, and it is impossible to guess where you will find yourself next time: on the shiny metal platform of the future,or to the cave of fairy trolls.

● A tour of the rooftops is a must when traveling around Stockholm. Who knows, maybe you will be able not only to enjoy the views of the city, but also to stumble upon the real Carlson's house!

● By the way, kanelbulle - cinnamon buns that Carlson loved so much - is best tasted in Stockholm, the homeland of this dessert.

Manchester, England

● Manchester City Hall is located in the heart of the city. You have seen the tower of this town hall more than once in films and broadcasts, where it is passed off as Westminster Palace with great success.

● The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester is unique in its kind. This city is the industrial center of Great Britain, and is extremely sensitive to history and science. You should at least visit this place to please your inner scientist!

● In Manchester various types of street food are very popular. It's tasty, cheap and varied. Even adherents of proper nutrition will find dishes to their taste.

You can supplement our options for checklists or create your own from scratch - in any case, so you can fully enjoy the trip! Structure and planning is the key to a cool trip.

Our selection of cities was not chosen by chance - these are the starting points of the international student project Red Bull Can You Make It. If you also want to travel to Europe and cross it from Budapest to Amsterdam, register your team.

Have a great trip and do not forget to share your checklists on social networks: perhaps you will give someone a loved one and an unforgettable route!

5 tips to make your next travel unforgettable!

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