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Everybody on Saturday: PSA OPEN 2018 on the legendary glass court

March 22-25 an international squash tournament among professionals will take place in Moscow, the final of which for the first time in the history of Russian squash will be held on a unique glass court (it will be installed in the atrium of one of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes Metropolis) ... All games preceding the final will be held at the National Squash Center, the largest squash club in the capital. The tournament has been added to the official calendar of the Professional Squash Association (PSA).

Subbotnik PSA Open 2018 kicks off on Thursday, March 22, with qualifying matches on the courts of the squash center. The quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final match, which will take place on March 25, will be held on a glass court in the Metropolis shopping center.

Muscovites and guests of the capital are in for a real sports event: the opportunity to see the amazing game of professional squash players included in the top 10O of the world rating, and if they wish, try squash for themselves, being inside an unusual glass court next to an experienced coach. In between competitions, free workshops and trial sessions for children and adults will be organized on the court.

The World Squash Championships are unforgettable shows that take place on glass courts located in the most famous and sometimes unexpected places ... For example, at Trafalgar Square in London, at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids in Cairo, at Grand Central Station in New York. Holding key matches in this format has become a traditional and expected event in the world of squash. Thousands of spectators witness the sporting event, whose high speeds and incredible concentration of players are limited to 4 walls and 64 square meters.

The organizer of the tournament was the National Squash Center, setting a goal to develop this sport in our country, instill a culture of playing squash and transfer it from the status of a mysterious sounding, incomprehensible, elite to the status of everyone known, popular, accessible ... Even the name of the tournament - Subbotnik (Subbotnik) - did not arise by chance. This is not the first year that the weekly competitions among amateur players held in Moscow on Saturdays have been called. Now the subbotnik squash goes international and becomes a real sports festival.

Squash, which appeared in the middle of the 19th century in England and has long remained a game of British aristocrats, and later Wall Street financiers, is gradually gaining popularity in Russia, attracting to the courts not only top managers of large corporations and show business stars, but also everyone who is ready to plunge into the atmosphere of sports leisure and vivid emotions. And those who want to try this racquet sport played by presidents and premierMore and more ministers, actors and musicians.

Location the international squash tournament Subbotnik PSA Open 2018:

  • National Squash Center: Moscow, st. Kulakova, 20, building 1 (metro station Strogino);
  • TC Metropolis: Moscow, Leningradskoe shosse, 16A, p. 4, new building (metro station Voikovskaya, MCC Baltiyskaya)

Entry for tournament spectators is free. There is no age limit.

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