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Everlasting Jen. Exercise, meditation and proper nutrition

Most recently, the star told her fans that to keep fit, she starts her morning with an intense workout and ends the day with interval cardio in the gym. According to yoga instructor Jennifer Mandy Ingber , Aniston's radiant beauty and stunning form in which she is, is not just the result of physical activity, but a symbiosis of the fact that she is constantly working on herself and her mind.

Jennifer Aniston certainly has an amazing body, but I think most people pay attention to her primarily because she feels very comfortable in her own body. Jen looks very holistic and organic - words of Mandy Ingber, yoga coach. She also notes that absolutely everyone can achieve this harmony of their body and mind, look good and have a positive attitude towards life.

Here are three wellness treatments that Jennifer Aniston includes in her daily practice.

1. Get your body moving every day

Mandy Ingber recommends spending exactly one hour each day to warm up or exercise. The workout doesn't have to be about intense exercise at your limits, she says. This could be something like walking, doing yoga, or something more active like a bike.

2. Meditate for five minutes a day and you will be fine

Even if you only have five minutes a day to sit down ... and focus on your breathing, do it, ”says Ingber. In her recommendations, the coach of the famous actress advises beginners to simply find a quiet place and focus on their breathing. If your brain can't seem to abstract, don't give up - rather, admit the difficulties, accept them, and return to focusing on your breathing. Ingber says that just five minutes of this practice a day will help you achieve a feeling of freshness no matter what the workload.

3. Proper nutrition is the basis of everything

In her interviews, Jennifer Aniston often says that our diet should not be limited: Food should be varied and nourish your body with the macronutrients necessary to maintain an active lifestyle. Moderation in calories and variety on the plate are the basis of a good diet. You can eat absolutely everything, but in small portions.

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