Kelly Osbourne Is Unrecognizable After Losing 85 Lbs

Eternal struggle: how singer Kelly Osbourne lost 40 kg again

British singer Kelly Osbourne has felt increased attention from the media since childhood. Now the daughter of the legendary rebel Ozzy Osbourne is 35 years old, and all this time, journalists and fans have followed not only her work, but also the difficult story of fighting overweight. Kelly launched herself more than once, then got in shape, but then she again broke down and rapidly gained weight.

Recently, the singer said that she again lost 40 kg, and even revealed the secret of a wonderful transformation.
So what helped the outrageous star to get rid of the hated kilograms?

Dancing and refusal of fast food

Kelly's problems with being overweight began as a teenager. At the age of 16, she weighed 90 kg with a height of 160 cm. Because of her fatness, the girl was often ridiculed, and even her father did not hesitate to make jokes about her daughter's appearance:

It was then that the singer began to struggle for harmony. Kelly tried various diets, drove herself to hungry faints and even became addicted to illegal drugs. Sometimes such harsh methods worked, but every time the star broke down and returned to his favorite fast food.

Eternal struggle: how singer Kelly Osbourne lost 40 kg again

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In 2005, Kelly volunteered to a rehabilitation center, where she coped with psychological problems and decided to radically change her lifestyle. From a bad girl, Osborne has turned into a sophisticated young lady, and from her past life, she only has a love for hamburgers and pizza. Participation in the Dancing with the Stars project helped her change her eating behavior. Exhausting workouts were given to Kelly very hard, and then her partner advised her to give up fast food, eat less starchy foods and sweets, and also establish a sleep schedule. Simple tips helped the singer to lose 20 kg in just a few months.

As soon as I changed the diet, dancing became much easier, and the weight began to melt. I didn't even notice how I was losing weight. For the first time in my life, I could look at myself in the mirror without disgust. Before, I only weighed 53 kg when I took illegal substances, but it was a terrible experience, - Osborne said.

Breakdown and miraculous transformation

At the end of the project, Osborne remained true to the principles she found. She continued to eat right, dance and Pilates, and also began to regularly visit the gym. To get rid of the extra centimeters in the waist, Kelly twisted the hoop every day. However, after some time, the singer again lost her miniature parameters. After breaking up with fiance Matthew Mosshart, the girl begangain pounds sharply. By 2017, her weight again exceeded the 90 kg mark.

Fans worried that it would be difficult for the pop diva to pull herself together, but the fears were in vain. Osborne recently stunned subscribers with photographs in which she appeared in a new guise. In response to enthusiastic comments from fans, Kelly wrote: That's right, I lost 85 pounds (almost 40 kg). The singer also admitted that she is happy to show off her new body parameters, since she achieved a result thanks to hard work on herself.

The operation is just the beginning

Kelly was in no hurry to tell how exactly she managed to regain her lost shape and become miniature again. But in a fresh interview, the star still decided to reveal the secret. It turns out that two years ago she underwent surgery to reduce the stomach. In addition, Osborne did injections into the jaw and chin.

After working as a beautician, people really began to notice that I had lost weight. Finally, I feel happy and confident. I'm not going to hide that I did a gastric resection. Let anything they say about me, but this is the best solution in my life, says Osborne.

Eternal struggle: how singer Kelly Osbourne lost 40 kg again

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At the same time, the singer warns that surgical intervention is only the first step towards harmony. The results obtained can be consolidated only through proper nutrition and regular training. Kelly completely revised her diet, again erased alcohol, fast food, flour and sweets from life. In addition, 35-year-old Osborne has resumed active training and goes to the gym 5-6 times a week.

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