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Equal play: successful women lead men's soccer teams

Today women's football is actively developing, and more and more representatives of the weaker sex appear in the leadership of men's teams. The stereotype of the sport's exceptional masculinity is slowly breaking down. Largely thanks to women who not only achieved great sporting success, but also headed clubs as coaches and even presidents. Here are the six most beautiful leaders in men's football.

Iryna Morozyuk

Iryna Morozyuk, the wife of Ukrainian footballer Nikolai Morozyuk, who plays in Turkish Rizerspor, became the first female president of football in October 2019. club in Ukraine. She posted a photo with the whole Lyon team from Lviv and wrote that she was happy to be the president of such a club.

Irina is not only a Lviv lioness, but also a socialite: the girl leads a public lifestyle and actively develops her profile on social networks ... She also starred in commercials and promotes her own clothing brand. Irina is not afraid to shock subscribers with either word or deed. In the summer, on Instagram, she spoke out against gender equality, criticizing women advocating for gender equality.

Irina also publishes very candid photos in her profile. However, she clearly has nothing to be ashamed of: at 31, Morozyuk looks 100%.

Tihana Nemchich

Another football beauty is the Croatian Tihana Nemchich. For ten years, Nemchich has been professionally involved in football: she played for the Agram and Dynamo clubs, and played five official games for the Croatian women's national team. And after a knee injury, the girl had to say goodbye to the game.

In 2012, after completion playing career, Tihana graduated from the University of Zagreb with a degree in physical education and sports. The administration of the men's football club Viktoria from Vitkovac, assessing the experience and professionalism of the athlete, invited her to the position of head coach.

Equal play: successful women lead men's soccer teams

Photo: facebook .com / tihana.nemcic

With such external data, Tihana could well become a model or win several titles at beauty contests. Which, however, the girl tried to do: in 2008, Nemchich participated in the Miss Sports Croatia competition and became its finalist. But even after the injury, she could not give up her favorite game and remained in football, albeit in the role of a coach.

Imke Wubbenhorst

30-year-old Imke Wubbenhorst became the first woman in the position of the main coach in men's football in Germany. In 2018, she led BV Cloppenburg from the fifth division of the German league. Before that, she coached the women's team of the club, and in the 2015-2017 season she played herself.Since 2004, Imke was called up to the German national women's team, and until 2008 she managed to score 25 goals.

When Imke was just appointed the head coach of the men's team, the correspondent of the German edition Welat during an interview asked her a provocative question - does Wubbenhorst warn the players before entering their locker room so as not to find them naked. Probably, in this way, the journalist wanted to joke about the fact that a woman trains male football players and embarrass Imke. This turned out to be not so easy. She did not react to the provocation and calmly replied: Of course, I am not warning. I'm a professional. I form the lineup by dick length.

Natalie Henderson

And although Natalie was fond of football since childhood, she did not dream of a player's career. The girl wanted to become a physical education teacher, and at the age of 16 she received her first coaching certificate. At the age of 20, she started working as a coach at a club in her hometown, Newcastle United, and realized that this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

In 2018 Henderson completed an elite training program for coaches from the English Premier leagues. Now she trains the future stars of Newcastle United - boys under 12 years old. While the woman on the team's coaching staff still draws some disapproval from some people today, Henderson believes things have changed for the better over the past few years.

Natalie believes that the main thing in coaching is not nationality or gender, but professional qualities.

Equal play: successful women lead men's soccer teams

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Equal play: successful women lead men's soccer teams

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Mach Janud

At 32, Maha Janud is the first and only coach in a men's soccer team in the Middle East. She now trains footballers of Al-Governorate from Damascus, Syrian province. Before becoming a coach, Janud herself played in the women's team of this club and was called up to the national women's team of Syria. Thanks to her experience and education, Makha could work as a coach in any country in the world, but she decided to stay and develop national football.

To coaching, like many footballolisty, Janud came after an injury. At first, she led the women's team of Al-Muhafaz, later she began to train the men's team. Gaining the trust of the players was not easy: at first it was uncomfortable for them to work under the leadership of a woman, even if such a specialist as Janud. One of them commented:

Janud herself is sure that the gender of the coach doesn't matter. The main thing is charisma and confidence on the field, the ability to be a real leader for the team.

These six women once again prove that sports are not divided into exclusively female and male, and in football, women can prove themselves not only in field, but also in the coaching staff. Sport is for everyone, and this is what unites us.

Equal play: successful women lead men's soccer teams

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Equal play: successful women lead men's soccer teams

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