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Entrepreneur vs athlete: whose heart rate will be higher? Experiment editorial

Have you ever thought about the situations in which your heart rate, like a high-speed car, accelerates to its maximum? The opinions of ordinary people in this regard are very often divided: some believe that for this it is necessary to experience physical stress, for example, attend a high-interval workout or go for the first run in their life. Others are sure that the heart rate monitor reads off scale at the moment of an emotional outburst: at a serious meeting or during the defense of a business project.

“Championship” and the bank for entrepreneurs Tochka are launching a unique experiment, during which we will analyze the pulse of an athlete and an entrepreneur in their usual conditions. In the case of an entrepreneur, we will observe his pulse during the defense of the project; we will record the athlete's heart rate monitor during the cycle.

Entrepreneur vs athlete: whose heart rate will be higher? Experiment editorial

Then we will swap our heroes for one day in order to measure how much the data will change if move them out of their comfort zone into unfamiliar conditions. We will compare all the indicators: at rest, when doing a usual thing, when falling into an uncomfortable situation - and we will find out if being an entrepreneur is really as emotionally and physically expensive as being an athlete.

Why is it important?

Our pulse is the main indicator of psychophysiological stress. We don't even think about situations when he changes dramatically. By tracking your body's normal pulse zones and understanding at what moments the body is stressed and makes the heart beat faster, you will be able to more accurately understand what situations can throw you off balance. This means that you will be able to work out these moments from a psychological point of view, apply different techniques in order to pacify your pulse as quickly as possible and return to balance.

Our heroes

Victoria Shubina

Five-time IRONMAN, elite coach of the World Class triathlon network.

Entrepreneur vs athlete: whose heart rate will be higher? Experiment editorial

Keeping track of my heart rate is a very important moment for me as an athlete, who must distribute his forces. With the help of the heart rate parameter, I can in time understand in what functional state I am, how tired I am, how much energy I still have and how I can further distribute my forces in the daily cycle. For this I use a special gadget - a sports watch. By the way, I monitor my heart rate not only during training, but also during sleep, for example. How long do I sleep, what my pulse was, what sleep cycles I had and how long they lasted - zones of deep / shallow sleep. All this helps me to recover qualitatively, to maintain myself in energy balance.

But the most important thing is not just to follow the numbers on your smart watch, but to listen to your body, to learn to understand in which heart rate zones you are comfortable working, go in for sports, just live. This is very useful knowledge in order to work on your productivity and efficiency both in business and in earnest.hot distance like IRONMAN. If you learn to distribute yourself, then you will have more energy, more energy that you can invest in something really valuable.

Tip: I recommend all my athletes to go through fitness testing at the very beginning of the training process. I think this is extremely important, because most people have a very long break between school physical education and the beginning of training already in adulthood, conscious age. In my triathlon section, we work with a doctor who helps to carry out the examination in a timely manner. As a trainer, I learn a lot of parameters thanks to this: how the cardiovascular system works, how the heart works under stress - is it stable or not. At the same time, the athlete and the coach gain an understanding of the training heart rate zones, this is a very important thing, we have 5 levels of load intensity. Thanks to the understanding of all 5 levels, it is possible to adjust the training process as accurately as possible.
Entrepreneur vs athlete: whose heart rate will be higher? Experiment editorial

Life hack: Only special procedures help me to relax, aimed at relaxation. In general, I believe that both from the point of view of sports and from the point of view of business, in order to be effective, you need to be able to recover efficiently, then in any situation you will be less exposed to stress and various negative factors. By giving so much energy to something, it is necessary to compensate for this. Personally, I have a list of different recovery workouts: yoga, Pilates, stretching and rituals such as sauna, massage. Another important aspect that will help you calm down is learning how to quickly switch from one process to another. Sport helps me in this, because when the muscles work, the brain rests. This can be very cool to help you remove some psychological barriers, unload your head before an important meeting.

Forecast: if we are talking about intense training, then the pulse on it will go off scale quite seriously ... Do not forget that the heart is the motor that provides blood, nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Therefore, as soon as the muscles begin to contract rapidly, the heart begins to actively engage in work. And if we are talking about some kind of mental stress and mental stress, then the pulse will obviously rise above average due to a serious hormonal surge. Each of these processes involves completely different systems in our body. In any case, sport teaches you to understand and feel your body. My heart rate in high-intensity training is about 184 beats, which is far from a small number, so I think, no matter how exciting the negotiations are, if they are not related to jumping and swinging my arms, I can handle it.

Ilya Stupenkov

Entrepreneur, co-owner of the COSMICA trampoline center.

Entrepreneur vs athlete: whose heart rate will be higher? Experiment editorial

I can't say that I follow my pulse, even fashionable ones Now I don't wear heart rate monitors, because mya classic watch looks better. I think that monitoring the values ​​of their heart rate is more necessary for athletes, because it is very important to control their condition during physical activity. If we talk about the entrepreneurial component of the issue, then absolutely serious excitement can affect the outcome of a business meeting. I am convinced that everything comes from the head: if before negotiations you start to replay negative outcomes in your head, you start worrying, fear arises, and here, by the way, the pulse soars to its maximum limits.

Life hack: I believe that positive thinking will help to cope with anxiety. Switch mentally to some pleasant moments, imagine that the meeting has already ended and you have already succeeded. At such moments, we may not be afraid so much of the subject being discussed in the negotiations as the expectation and the unknown.

Entrepreneur vs athlete: whose heart rate will be higher? Experiment editorial

Forecast: since I, in principle, do not follow my pulse, it will be very interesting for me to observe the results of the experiment and find out what my body will tell about me.

Very soon we will summarize and find out whether being an entrepreneur is as emotionally and physically demanding as being an athlete. At what point do you think the heart rate will be higher: during training or during important negotiations?

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