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Enemies of good posture. Three habits that spoil your appearance

People with good posture immediately make a good impression and radiate self-confidence. But how often do you meet these: with straightened shoulders and a straight back? Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle makes us cringe, because we sit at work, in the car and public transport, spend long hours at the computer. And if you do not pay attention to posture and do not play sports, then you can soon easily turn into a visual embodiment of a question mark.

How to understand that you have an uneven posture?

Not everyone a person may be aware that they have problems with the spine. Of course, if obvious omissions are not visible to the naked eye from the outside. For other cases, there is a simple test, which the osteopathic doctor Andrey Shmykov told about on his instagram.

Andrey: So, find any even wall. Now lean against it with your back, buttocks and heels. Do not forget to place your feet straight and keep your head so that your gaze is directed forward. Stand in this position for a while, at least 1-2 minutes. If at the end you realize that this position is uncomfortable for you, then congratulations - you need to work on your posture.

Enemies of good posture. Three habits that spoil your appearance

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But doctors do not approve of such extreme sports.

Most likely, after a light check on the posture, many will have to work. This is because not only serious external factors and injuries can bring harm to the back, but also improperly selected shoes and routine habits that are repeated every day. Let's talk about three of them and share the ways to solve the problem.

A prominent head is the fault of the phone and the computer

Our life is inextricably linked with different gadgets. Many people have sedentary work at the computer, during which we involuntarily pull our heads closer to the screen. Most people do not part with smartphones for a minute, hanging on social networks, instant messengers and flipping through news feeds. To do this, we again stretch our head forward or tilt it down. All these actions not only create unnecessary tension for the muscles of the neck and spine, but also gradually lead to the fact that they remember this position and become too rigid, and the head begins to constantly stretch forward. This leads to lower back pain, and the belly begins to protrude ugly forward.

Enemies of good posture. Three habits that spoil your appearance


How to fix it? Retrain muscles by stretching. This is quite simple to do, the main thing is to practice regularly. Bring your head back gently and hold this position for 30 seconds. You should feel tension in your chin and throat area. Then tilt your head back and to the right for 30 seconds, and then back and to the left for another 30 seconds.

In addition, you can install a mirror at the desktop and control yourself so thatthe tin was not protruding forward.

Enemies of good posture. Three habits that spoil your appearance

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Stoop is a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle

Together with the head stretched forward, many suffer from a stoop. Agree, it looks ugly. The muscles of the chest contract and shrink, the shoulders are lifted up, the back is humped. The most common reason is a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle. In your younger years, you may not pay attention to this, but with age, you will definitely get extra problems with the spine. Slouching appears due to excessive tension of the pectoral muscles and weakness of the muscles that straighten the spine.

How to fix it? Stretch the chest. For example, with the help of an ordinary hang or a half-hang on a horizontal bar. Even an unprepared person can cope with this, and for this it is not necessary to sign up for a gym. There is a horizontal bar on many sports fields, or you can buy a home crossbar - they are installed in a doorway or on a wall. Hanging allows you to stretch your shoulders and chest using your own weight.

Enemies of good posture. Three habits that spoil your appearance

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Together with the trainer, we figure out whether this exercise is as useful as it is said to be.

There are a lot of ways to stretch the pectoral muscles and the spine, and for some of them you don't even need inventory. Here are a couple of exercises that can be easily done at home without additional equipment.

Stretching in the doorway

Stand in the doorway, sideways to the frame. Bend your elbow at a right angle, place your palm and forearm on the frame. Lean against it and slowly turn the body in the opposite hand side, stretching the muscles. The back must be kept straight. It is enough to stretch for a minute on each side.

Stretching against the wall

To train the muscles that straighten the spine, you need to stand against a wall. It should be in contact with the heels, back, buttocks and the back of the head. Hands are lowered at this time. Slowly lift them along the wall as if you were about to make a snow angel, and stop when they are parallel to the floor. Then bend your elbows and slowly extend over your head. The elbows and backs of the hands should be in contact with the wall, and it is important to keep your posture straight. Do two sets of 20 reps.

Enemies of good posture. Three habits that spoil your appearance


Enemies of good posture. Three habits that spoil your appearance

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A slim waist will be a bonus to good posture.

Tilting the pelvis forward - due to lack of mobility

The pelvis must be in the correct positionzhenia - vertically, then it will be easier for the spine. But you can find a problem when the pelvis is tilted forward, and often a sedentary lifestyle is again to blame for this. In a seated position, the flexor muscles of the thigh are always tense, and the buttocks, on the contrary, are weakened. The front muscles of the thigh adapt to this position and become stiff, pulling the pelvis towards them and preventing it from taking the correct position.

How to fix it? Spend as little time as possible sitting. When working at a computer, for example, it is helpful to get up and walk a little every hour. There are also special exercises for stretching the shortened hip flexors. Assume a lunge position: stand with one knee on the floor, and rest your other foot on the foot. Lean back slowly, stretching the front of your thigh. Change legs in a minute.

Another exercise should be performed as follows: place your knees and palms on the floor, arms should be straight, torso parallel to the floor. Raise your right arm and left leg at the same time, maintaining the correct curves of the spine. Thus, only the muscles of the buttocks and shoulder blades are involved.

Enemies of good posture. Three habits that spoil your appearance


Enemies of good posture. Three habits that spoil your appearance

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The main thing is an integrated approach

Most of the bad habits can be completely eliminated on your own with the help of attentiveness, training and choosing the right shoes. However, the osteopathic doctor is sure that it is better not to start real problems with posture and solve them comprehensively under the supervision of a specialist.

Andrey: As an osteopath, I am sure that the right footwear is a heel and fit - for both men and women plays an important role in preventing and maintaining correct posture. If you have problems with training to restore correct posture, then there is a third way - the medical one. The osteopathic doctor determines what caused the incorrect posture (believe me, this is not always a simple sitting at the table), finds the presence of displacement of organs and possible malfunctions or pinching. And after such a diagnosis, work begins to relax the muscles, because after that the spine is able to straighten and, accordingly, ensure the normal functioning of the organs pinched due to posture. And in the future, preventive maintenance of the obtained effect will be required.

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