How I lost 2 Stone in 5 Weeks

Endurance challenge: YouTube blogger got rid of belly in two weeks

Forced isolation is the best time to take time for yourself and start getting better without leaving your home. So decided and blogger Sara Sarangova , who has long wanted to lose weight. The girl had tried to train and build proper nutrition before, but she was frustrated - the desire to continue disappeared. But now she is confidently joining the two-week Chloe Ting challenge to achieve the perfect figure and shed those extra centimeters in the waist.

What is the essence of the Chloe Ting challenge?

Chloe Ting is considered a successful fitness and lifestyle blogger. She runs a popular YouTube channel where she publishes workouts for various muscle groups, recipes for healthy meals, and simply gives motivating advice. In the summer of last year, the girl launched a two-week challenge, the goal of which is to lose weight, as well as to focus on working out the abdominal muscles and reducing the size of the waist.

All the rules of the marathon and videos with classes Ting published in the public domain on her personal website , so the participants had only to stock up on strength. After all, having joined the challenge, you need to perform exhausting exercises every day, gradually increase the load and session time. In addition, the diet must be carefully adjusted. And at the end - share your own results.

Endurance challenge: YouTube blogger got rid of belly in two weeks

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Endurance challenge: YouTube blogger got rid of belly in two weeks

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First week: Intermittent fasting and workouts through I can’t

Initially, Sarangova did not believe that visible results could be achieved in two weeks of regular training and proper nutrition, but still decided to try. At the beginning of the challenge, the girl weighed 66-68 kg with a height of 175 cm, and her waist circumference was 82 cm.At the same time, the blogger immediately warned that she did not have weights and she would deliberately rely on the results of measurements, and not on the number of lost kilograms.

As a nutritional strategy, Sarah chose 16/8 intermittent fasting, which only allows her to eat for eight hours a day. At first, the girl was frightened by the very name of the method, but after studying the necessary literature, she realized that this method suits her. Simply because she does not have the opportunity to eat 5-6 times a day and constantly cook healthy food for herself. Now the blogger eats for only five hours: from 12:00 to 17:00.

Every morning Sarangova made a vacuum for her stomach and drank warm water on an empty stomach. And I tried to consume no more than 1100 calories per dayuh. Her menu included extremely healthy foods containing proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. For example, for lunch, a girl could eat buckwheat with steamed turkey cutlets and tomatoes, and for dinner, granola with Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. Sara also included avocado, cheese, mushrooms and fish in the dishes. The blogger did not refuse coffee either.

Endurance challenge: YouTube blogger got rid of belly in two weeks

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In the first training week, the girl performed exercises for the abs and buttocks: classic, lateral and reverse crunches, various types of static and dynamic planks, squats ... Sarah admits that due to a lack of experience, she made many mistakes in execution technique and worked without a rug and sneakers, since now there is no opportunity to purchase new equipment and equipment.

Due to the fact that the blogger has never been engaged sports, and she skipped school physical education lessons, the first trainings were extremely difficult for her. And instead of increasing the load, she did the same 10-minute program in the morning in order to somehow adjust. Imagine Sarah's surprise when, after just seven days, the results were not long in coming. She got rid of 8 cm at the waist, and now the girth was 75.

A detailed history of losing weight for the first week can be seen in the video.

Endurance challenge: YouTube blogger got rid of belly in two weeks

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Second week : increased load and impressive results

In the second week, the girl began to gradually increase her daily calorie intake up to 1200-1330 kcal and load with it. Now Sarangova began to train for 40-50 minutes and perform four different sessions a day. They included exercises for the whole body and cardio: a climber with push-ups, running in place, burpees, squats with jumping out and others.

Workouts for the press and lower body were given to the blogger quite successfully, which cannot be said about cardio. Also at this stage of the challenge, exercises with a fitness elastic band on the legs and buttocks were connected: the shoulder bridge, circular movements of the hip, leading the leg back and to the side, kneeling. But Sarah did all the movements without equipment.

Endurance challenge: YouTube blogger got rid of belly in two weeks

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According to the results of a two-week marathon, the girl's stomach completely disappeared and began to show a little press. True, she still intends to work on the waist further.... But the fact remains: after half a month, its volume decreased by 11 cm and became equal to 72.

The full weight loss story for the second week can be viewed in the video.

Blogger Sara Sarangova's experience proves that quarantine for many people really became an excellent reason to immerse themselves in work on themselves. The main thing is to approach this process wisely and know when to stop so as not to harm.

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