EMS Training: The most effective workout to lose weight

EMS - fitness: 20 minutes a day to help you lose weight

Increasingly, we began to notice strange tracksuits in photographs of celebrities from gyms. Wires, belts, fasteners - it seems as if they are preparing for a flight into space. And if earlier it was only frightening, now tens of thousands of praise with the unfamiliar abbreviation EMS at least arouse interest. We decided to figure out what it is.

Space fitness

It turns out that space associations do not come to mind by chance. Indeed, Electrical Muscle Stimulation was developed for astronauts. The flights took quite a long time, and the conditions of weightlessness significantly affected their health. In space, the body has practically no weight, while the muscles atrophy, problems with the spine arise. EMS was the solution to this problem.

Soviet scientists kept this technology a secret for many years. After the whole world learned about it, it began to be used in rehabilitation medicine, and then in fitness.

EMS - fitness: 20 minutes a day to help you lose weight

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How does it work?

  • Before training, you will be wearing a suit and electrodes to help your muscles contract more often. However, that doesn't mean you don't have to do anything else.
  • The workout will take place as usual and, most likely, will consist of three blocks - cardio, strength exercises and lymphatic drainage. In 20-30 minutes you will experience all the delights of a two-hour workout in the gym, habitual fatigue and muscle pain will become beacons of productivity.
Of course, an individual approach is a huge plus of EMS. The coach adjusts the device and monitors the performance of the device and your condition.

Professional athletes also actively use this training technique.
Here, for example, the training of Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet.

Doesn't it hurt?

To be honest, it’s not very pleasant at first. It is not so easy for the muscles to get used to the additional load and increase in the intensity of contractions.

Is it harmful?

Contraindications to EMS fitness are almost the same as to regular exercises in the gym - ARVI, ARI , hemophilia, diseases of the pulmonary system, oncological diseases. The EMS simulator should not be used in case of acute arthritis, disorders of the lymphatic system, pregnancy, thrombosis.
In any case, a doctor's consultation will not hurt before such training.

Why is EMS better than regular fitness?

  • First, of course, time. 20-30 minutes instead of the standard two hours is a significant advantage.
  • Secondly, doctors and EMS trainers ensure that the risk of injury is reduced.
  • Thirdly, the load on the joints and spine is reduced.
  • And finally, EMS exercises deeply located muscles that you may not have known existed.

Matching the best

ElenaSavchuk, editor-in-chief of the magazine Beauty and Health: I went through 100 EMS trainings!
Lesson results:

  • slim figure
  • flat stomach
  • fit legs
  • health and lightness

Irina Polivanova, opera singer: I cured my back in two workouts!

Lesson results:

  • toned muscles
  • toned body
  • back pain relief

Anastasia Denisova, star of the TV series Deffchonki: I added workouts twice a week to the diet, and recently I got carried away by the new fitness direction Fit-n-go.

Lesson results:

  • 15 kg weight loss
  • slim figure
  • toned muscles

Now it's much easier to keep your body in good shape. No long grueling workouts in the gym, which means there are even fewer reasons to skip classes.

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