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Elixir of youth: a Chinese woman who looks like 25 at 50

Just a few years ago, the whole world learned about Liu Yerin from China. After she started posting pictures of herself on the social network, the Chinese woman quickly gained a lot of fans. Yerin trains a lot and often, be it running, swimming, boxing or cycling. Thanks to her toned body and beautiful skin, the Chinese woman has become popular all over the world. It would seem like a common story, apart from the fact that Liu turned 50 this year.

Liu Yerin worked as a librarian before retiring. She was born in 1968 and started playing sports when she was about 20 years old. Since then, Liu has not stopped training.

Yerin has been training for over 30 years and counts that it is precisely regular exercise that helps her to maintain youth and beauty. Training has made her look almost exactly like her 23-year-old son.

Liu's son admits that people often think that Yerin, 50, is his girlfriend. Once, because his mother looks young, his girlfriend took offense at him. She just didn't believe that Liu Yering was his mom. It took the guy a while to explain everything to his girlfriend. Son Yerin does not hide that his mother has always been beautiful.

When his mother was little, she was considered the most beautiful girl in school. I would say it hasn't changed over time.

Whenever in store, When I told people my real age, strangers started to crowd around me who wanted to know my secrets.

Yerin is often asked what is the secret of her perfect skin. In fact, everything is very simple. The main secret of a good figure of a Chinese woman is sports, and the secret of clean skin is the absence of cosmetics. Liu very rarely wears makeup and does regularly.

Lee thinks he looks young in part due to its genes. However, of course, in order to maintain her beauty and a toned body, she does a lot.

I swim in the lake and do strength exercises every day.

In the summer, she often participates in running marathons, swims, boxing. And in winter, Liu also does not sit idle. In winter, her favorite pastime is outdoor swimming.

There is a lake near her house , and for 30 years Yerin has been swimming there in winter. The 50-year-old Chinese woman believes exercise in cold weather can help maintain her beauty and look younger. She admits that at first it is scary to dive into cold water, but then you feel completelyall day long. As Lee points out, the most important thing is that you stay healthy throughout your life.

Elixir of youth: a Chinese woman who looks like 25 at 50

Swimming is an integral part of Yerin's life. She challenges herself every day. So, she has already crossed the Yangtze River in China and the Han River in South Korea. In March 2016, Liu Yeling set herself a different challenge: to swim across the sea for the first time. And she succeeded. She successfully crossed the Strait of Malacca in four hours. As Liu later admitted, it was the hardest thing she did in her life.

I fought because my glasses were leaking and my tongue hurt from the salt water. There was a feeling that there were dozens of cuts on my tongue, it was unbearably painful.

Liu attracted worldwide attention, and she was called on various TV programs. Now she often travels to different cities, travels and at the same time takes part in the filming of television programs. On one of these programs, she even decided to do yoga outside at minus 40.

Elixir of youth: a Chinese woman who looks like 25 at 50

I want to stay the same beautiful when I'm 80 years, - says Liu.

Liu Yerin says that she decided to share her secret because she wants to inspire women to do sports, because it will help them feel much more confident.

That is why on her page on the Chinese social network Weibo, in addition to her photos, she often publishes various materials for training.

I wasn't scared at all. In fact, I felt great. It was nice to exercise in cold weather

And not so long ago, Liu had a photo shoot in a bikini at minus 40 in Siberia. When asked why she wears a bikini so often, the 50-year-old Chinese woman jokes that she is saving fabric for the country. However, Yerin admits that the bikini is her armor. They make her feel confident, healthy and young.

Elixir of youth: a Chinese woman who looks like 25 at 50

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