15 Strict Rules Female Figure Skaters Have To Follow

Elements for beginners. How beautiful is ice skating?

With the onset of the winter season, more and more skating rinks are opening and city dwellers boldly go out on the ice. And those who have admired figure skating at least once try to repeat their graceful tricks after the professionals. Some of the elements will be too complex and even unsafe for beginners, while others can be learned on your own. We will tell you why it is better not to try to do many of the movements of skaters on your own and which ones can be performed even by beginners.

What elements should not be repeated after professional skaters?

The answer is simple: jumps, spins, elements spirals and complex stepping paths. These are the tricks that make figure skating more entertaining, but beginners are not recommended to perform them for several reasons.

Insufficient physical preparation

First of all, beginners will miss physical training for the performance of complex elements. In order to stand firmly on skates, skaters train daily, several times a day, both on the ice and in the gym. They develop strength, endurance, stretching and even the vestibular apparatus. If a person with no experience tries to perform even a slight rotation, then he cannot avoid dizziness.

Elements for beginners. How beautiful is ice skating?

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Features of skates

Skates for mass skating are not sufficiently equipped to perform complex elements in them. First, the boot is much softer than the professional one. Firmness is needed to stabilize the leg, for example, when landing from a jump. Secondly, the blades differ: for skaters they are sharpened in a special way and endowed with developed teeth in the front, which do not allow them to fall face down on the ice. The higher the skating level of an athlete, the more advanced a high-quality steel blade the skate should have.

Inability to fall

With all the professionalism, even experienced skaters often fall ... But they are less likely to get seriously injured than beginners. It's all about the fall technique. Athletes are taught from the very beginning of their careers to land on the outer thigh whenever possible. This outcome is the least painful. Beginners, on the other hand, due to lack of practice, may fall incorrectly and hit quite hard.

Elements for beginners. How beautiful is ice skating?

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Elements for beginners. How beautiful is ice skating?

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Elements that everyone can learn

The simplest and most accessible movements on the rink are sliding elements. They are taught to skaters at the very beginning of their sports career in order to lay a certain foundation. Even if not immediately, but they can be repeated toAnyone interested.

Skating in an arc

This is the main movement in figure skating. It must be performed while standing on a leg slightly bent at the knee and pushing off with the second. The supporting leg should be soft and act as a shock absorber. Keep your body straight with your arms at shoulder level and your head straight.

Arcs can be drawn using either the outer edge or the inner edge.


This element is useful for learning how to jump from one edge to another. Stretching is performed on two legs or on one. When changing the rib, it is important to slightly turn the body towards, and the pelvis towards the curvature of the arc.


This movement is due to active but gentle mixing and dilution legs. In this case, a drawing remains on the ice, somewhat reminiscent of Chinese lanterns or an hourglass.


A basic figure skating skill that can be done in different ways ... Experienced skaters slow down with the outside or inside of the skate by turning one leg and pressing it on the ice. It happens that beginners choose an easier way: they brake with teeth or heels.

Elements for beginners. How beautiful is ice skating?

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Elements for beginners. How beautiful is ice skating?

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It is important for every skater to learn how to turn around. Hooks are one of many ways to do this. You can start this movement when you have a good ice feel, have mastered the edges and arcs, and are confident in controlling the body.


This is the simplest variation of steps that allows Skaters gain speed and is at the heart of all gliding. Jumps are performed both with a step forward and backward - an option for the more advanced.


The element that is most often decoratedCreates a sequence of steps in the program. With a lunge, the center of gravity is transferred to the leg bent at the knee. The free leg is straightened at the back, the skate is unrolled. The back stays straight.


This is a movement forward or backward on one of the ribs - internal or external (in accordance with the direction) - around the supporting leg, which is placed on the prong. The element resembles a drawing of a compass in a notebook.

There are a variety of exercises and movements to learn to break through ice with confidence. All that we have already mentioned is only a small part of them. The most important thing is to perform each element, standing firmly on the skates and feeling the ice. And best of all - under the supervision of a professional trainer.

Elements for beginners. How beautiful is ice skating?

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