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Either I'll lose weight or I'll die. How a blogger lost 77 kg, found himself and became famous

John David Glod made a name for himself by losing weight from 163 to 86 kilograms. He became a mega-popular blogger and coach, his Instagram account has more than 400 thousand subscribers, and his YouTube channel is almost 650 thousand. The most popular video has been watched by 10 million people so far. How did the guy do it? He does not hide anything and honestly talks about the fears, experiences and difficulties that he faced on the way to a relief body.

I realized that I would either lose weight or die at 35

John from the very childhood he was plump. But if in kindergarten he was a cute chubby, then over the years his weight only grew, and after graduation he reached the terrifying mark of 163 kilograms.

Triple chin, loose belly and bedside legs - the guy just couldn't look on himself without disgust and tried not to leave the house unnecessarily. In his free time, Glod sat on the couch eating chips and soda. He hated himself and his body, but he saw no way out of the vicious circle. The blogger admits that he was absolutely unhappy and did not seem to live his life. He felt trapped in a fat version of himself and sometimes wept at night.

Everything changed one evening while John was watching TV as usual. In the popular TV show, Glod saw a guy who managed to lose weight seriously. The program was not at all about changes in weight, but about tattoos, but the story touched the teenager alive. The hero from the screen said that you need to go in for sports every day and understand nutrition. In general, simple truths: if you want to change something, you have to work hard to achieve the goal.

John did not buy diet pills and did not apply to reality shows in which obese people try to become slimmer. He didn't save money for liposuction. He chose the difficult, but the most correct path. By the way, this was not the first attempt by Glod to lose weight. Previous endeavors ended in failure as soon as they started. But, obviously, this time his patience ran out, and the guy realized that he would not give up.

Either I'll lose weight or I'll die. How a blogger lost 77 kg, found himself and became famous

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Either I'll lose weight or I'll die. How a blogger lost 77 kg, found himself and became famous

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Difficulties on the way to good shape

John was 20 when he began to lose weight. He didn't bother digging into books on healthy eating and calculating calories. The guy acted on a whim: he focused on ovsyanku, chicken breast, turkey, brown rice, vegetables and fruits. The new menu completely excluded junk food: fast food, sweets and soda.

No normal work , Glod did not have rich parents. He did not have enough money for a gym membership, so at first the sport was replaced by regular walking. John tried to keep his heart rate high. The blogger admits that it was even for the best for him, because this way he was able to understand that the right diet plays a key role in losing weight even without intense training.

When Glod saved up funds and signed up for a fitness club, he for the first time weighed in and realized that he had lost at least 15 kilograms. John did not know how to work with weights and focused on cardio training: cycling, treadmill and ellipse. So seven months passed. The guy lost almost all the extra pounds he could, and he got bored of going to the gym.

Then John began to limit himself even more in food, but soon realized that this was not an option. Constant fatigue, bad mood, lack of energy accompanied every day. At this stage, the blogger realized that the approach to making the diet needs to be systematized. Glod began to dig deeper into how to count calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Later it was time to change something again, and here YouTube helped John. Watching strength training videos, he found new motivation and courage to step up to machines and dumbbells.

Either I'll lose weight or I'll die. How a blogger lost 77 kg, found himself and became famous

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Either I'll lose weight or I'll die. How a blogger lost 77 kg, found himself and became famous

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How to John Has Glogo become popular?

He never thought about starting a personal blog and sharing his own path of transformation, but John's example inspired his friends. In addition, he had already become decently skilled in training and began to work as a coach in the very fitness center in which he began to lose weight. Then the guy realized that he could help not only himself and his friends, but also thousands of other people from different countries. He started an Instagram account dedicated to sports and weight loss and then created a YouTube channel.

Popularity came to Glod literally in one evening. He lost weight, built up muscles, but from one problem nothing could help him - saggy skin. And John was ashamed of her: he tried not to wear shorts, did not take off his T-shirt on the beach. Thenthe blogger decided to overcome this fear and showed the body with hanging skin to the whole world.

John began to be invited to television, where he shared his story. He soon realized that he wanted to make a living with it. Then came the idea of ​​becoming a bodybuilder and competing. And then Glod got carried away with CrossFit and learned to eat right without getting hung up on counting calories. And most importantly, he not only became happy, but also found the meaning of life, inspiring other people.

Either I'll lose weight or I'll die. How a blogger lost 77 kg, found himself and became famous

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