USA: California lockdown forces Russian Olympic swimming champion to train on her kitchen table

Efimova showed how to replace the pool at home and keep fit in self-isolation

We are all used to seeing Olympic medalist and world swimming champion Yulia Efimova in great shape. It seems that even while on vacation, she never allows herself too much. The girl regularly updates her instagram with new pictures from the rest, they show that the athlete is the same good at any time of the year.

Recently Julia posted a video in which she prepared a set of exercises, which is intended for those who want to replace the pool with workouts at home. But before the start of the video, Efimova warned that these classes will not help you swim faster, but will cope with the task of maintaining your fitness.

Efimova showed how to replace the pool at home and keep fit in self-isolation

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Imitation of swimming

Starting position : lying on a flat surface

The further you lie down, the harder the exercise will be. You need to find a flat and free surface (table, ironing board, chest of drawers). Then start imitating swimming styles: freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, and at the end you can move on to backstroke.

Breaststroke spring

Starting position: squatting, emphasis on the arms bent behind.

Straightening the arms and slightly pushing off the floor, we perform the spring. It is worth noting that the main support is on the legs, while the hands are used only to help and maintain balance.

Complicated breaststroke spring

Starting position: the same

Sit in the same position, but now we do not make a spring, but suddenly stand up on our feet. We stretch our arms and spine to the ceiling. We carry out several times. It is important to feel the support in the legs, since the main load should fall on the lower limbs.


Starting position : lying down, emphasis on straight arms, legs pressed to the floor.

Leaning on our hands and alternately lifting the thighs, legs and socks off the floor, we imitate the wave several times, without stopping. As soon as the feet come off the floor, the arms are bent at the elbows in push-ups and again unbend to continue the wave. That is, the movement must be constant.

Efimova showed how to replace the pool at home and keep fit in self-isolation

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The correct diet from Efimova

Any professional athlete understands that in order to keep yourself in shape, it is necessary and correcteat. Efimova's diet is completely sugar-free. In addition, Julia's diet involves the rejection of flour products and a large amount of carbohydrates in favor of proteins. The champion doesn't eat bread or rice. Chiropractor Homayun Garavi helps her to establish nutrition. The athlete turned to him to solve her back problems, and at the same time learned about the importance of a balanced diet, which helped her solve many health problems.

The swimmer also follows a keto diet, does not eat pizza and pasta (although similar dishes slipped through her social networks). Julia's diet is based on meat and vegetables, and she also loves avocados and seafood. The girl is used to starting her day with a glass of coconut milk - this also benefits her body. At the same time, the athlete does not make a cult out of proper nutrition. At a time when there is no competitive period, Efimova can afford fast food or her favorite ice cream.

Efimova showed how to replace the pool at home and keep fit in self-isolation

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Efimova showed how to replace the pool at home and keep fit in self-isolation

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Russian Olympic swimmer Yulia Efimova shows off adamantine abs in kitchen at-home workout

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