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Effective removal. How to work from home

Many companies have begun to switch to remote operation due to the spread of coronavirus infection. For employees who are accustomed to always completing tasks in the office, it is difficult to rebuild the workflow for a new wave. After all, there are many distractions at home, no one regulates the schedule or controls your actions. Here are some simple life hacks that will make work at home more productive.

Set working hours

Separate work and rest times so as not to do household chores during working hours and vice versa. Decide for yourself when it is easier for you to complete tasks from employers - in the morning or in the evening, and stick to this pattern.

Deal with distractions

Yes, getting started at home can be more difficult. After all, no one will see that instead of a report, you are watching a video on YouTube or writing comments under our articles. If you feel that some external factor clearly interferes with productivity, then gather your strength and give it up for a while. For example, turn off your TV. Do not think that if it works in the background, it does not confuse you. Avoid social media because it’s the surest way to waste time.

Make time for lunch

During your home work day, make time for your afternoon meal. This is a good reason to rest, switch over and start tasks with renewed vigor. In addition, a full meal will reduce the number of trips to the refrigerator and minimize uncontrolled snacks. As they say, war is war, and lunch is on schedule.

Effective removal. How to work from home

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Effective removal. How to work from home

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Set up your workplace

One of the most important rules for successfully completing business plans at home - you must have a separate workplace. Sitting in the kitchen with a laptop and a cup of tea will make it much more difficult to concentrate on the important things.


And don't think that if you work from home, you need turn into a person who now and then sits at the computer. You might, for example, go outside and go for a run every morning. This will give you a great boost of energy for the whole day.

It is also effective to take short 5-10 minute charging breaks. This will help your muscles stay toned, and you - cran awesome figure.

Effective removal. How to work from home

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Get some privacy

Explain to your family that you don't need to be disturbed during work hours. Agree with your spouse or children that you can talk over lunch or spend time after work. Moreover, relatives can help you in this situation. Ask them to supervise you during the work process and remind you of important things. If you're distracted, your family can send you back to your home office.

Don't work in your pajamas

Do not allow yourself to sit in your pajamas on the bed, because this does not set you up for a working mood at all. Of course, it is not necessary to wear a business suit, but ordinary comfortable clothes are quite possible. This will increase self-discipline.

Scientists at the University of Hertforshire believe that clothing has a symbolic meaning for a person. The brain adjusts to the purpose of the clothes you wear, so the person behaves according to them.

Effective removal. How to work from home

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Effective removal. How to work from home

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