Dziuba the conductor and Ovechkin the courier. 5 unusual surprises and promotions from sports stars

Sport is not only hard training and competition, but also emotions. Athletes inspire a sense of pride in their country and hometown in the fans, bring joy from the victory of their favorite team. But there is also a downside: the bitterness of defeat, anger from the transition of an idol to a hated club, shame for public scandals and fear for the player after being seriously injured. Therefore, fans especially appreciate those moments when sports stars come out and present unexpected and pleasant surprises.

Alexander Ovechkin

In 2017, the Russian forward Washington Capitals delivered pizza with his own hand during an advertising campaign from Papa John`s to the homes of ordinary Americans in Washington. Alexander visited three houses, talked to the owners and took some photos. All three visits of the hockey player were filmed. As it turns out, not everyone in Washington knows the main star of the Capitals. After enthusiastic cries Oh God! at the first delivery point, at the second address, Ovechkin was greeted with surprise and silence. Tatiana Bailey had no idea about the eighth number of the hockey team of her city, and admitted that she was not interested in sports at all. In the third and last house, the whole family was delighted with the arrival of Ovechkin.

Similar actions are held in other NHL clubs. For example, Evgeny Malkin once personally delivered season tickets to the homes of Pittsburgh Penguins fans before the start of the new season.

Derrick Rose

To present a new model of Adidas basketball shoes in summer 2013, Derrick Rose went to London. In the capital of England, Rose organized a promotion, in which everyone could get a pair of new D Rose 4. But on one condition: you need to jump to them. The sneakers were placed on a shelf attached to the ceiling in a special room, so that only the most jumpy basketball fans could get them.

Sebastian Vettel and Sebastian Buemi

The Italian brand GEOX in 2013 called two Formula 1 riders Sebastian Vettel and Sebastian Buemi to compete for 200 pairs of shoes. The chance to get 20 pairs at once fell to only 10 lucky ones. To get new clothes, the participants of the action were offered to drive one lap on the track with the three-card (at that time) Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel and his namesake Buemi. The action was named Scream Challenge. The fact is that the main task of the participants is not to scream. One shout - minus one pair. Only three participants took all 20 couples home, and one girl shouted all the way and was left with nothing.

FC Zenit

Not every day you will meet your idols in public transport, and even in the form of conductors.

Three years ago, Zenit striker Artyom Dzyuba became a conductor in a tram for a day as part of the Come on, Come on! charity project. The aim of the action is to raise funds for the treatment of seriously ill children. To draw attention to the project, footballers Artyom Dzyuba, Andrei Lunev and Yuri Lodygin agreed to do any work and kept their promise. Both goalkeepers also tried ona familiar but useful activity. Lunev became Dziuba's colleague, checking tickets in the minibus, and Lodygin led tours of the Hermitage. The footballers not only encouraged people to do good things, but also gave them a bunch of positive emotions.

Dziuba the conductor and Ovechkin the courier. 5 unusual surprises and promotions from sports stars

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Jenson Button

In December 2014, Formula 1 driver Jenson Button took part in the Secret Santa campaign organized by the largest Spanish bank Santander. The company made a special ATM machine with a Jenson button. The joke is that the driver's name - Button - translates from English as a button. When a bank visitor was about to pick up cash, a Jenson button appeared on the screen, a window opened through which the real Jenson Button looked at amazed customers and handed them £ 100 with something like this: You wanted to withdraw £ 20. Isn't it better to get 100? Then Button would come out of his hiding place and, in addition to the £ 100, would give the bank visitors a Christmas basket with treats. And so it was with everyone who pressed the cherished button.

Dziuba the conductor and Ovechkin the courier. 5 unusual surprises and promotions from sports stars

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