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Durov refused food and alcohol: did the roof go, or did the brains fall into place?

Recently, information appeared on the Web that the creator of VKontakte and Telegram, one of the most popular Russian IT businessmen, Pavel Durov, went on a hunger strike. As it turned out, this is not another way to express your protest, but a deliberate action to increase productivity. Understanding if his diet is worth it and how it can help.

Pavel assures that such restrictions did him good. He has definitely become more productive and forgot about diseases. During this period, Durov caught a cold only once.

Of course, the stage of rejection of the harmful did not become the last resort for the entrepreneur. In May, he limited his diet to only fish and seafood.

Avoiding food

This stage in Durov's food experiments began in early June. Water is the only thing left in Paul's diet, but he does not complain about his health. Hunger improves mental clarity.

Fasting is a great way to cleanse and reboot your digestive system. It also gives the immune system a breather.

What do the doctors say?

The practice of fasting to cleanse the body has existed for a long time. But most doctors still do not recommend reducing the calorie content of your diet so dramatically. For weight loss and cleansing, a low-calorie diet with the right and healthy foods will be much more effective.

And yet, if you decide on this experiment, doctors strictly warn: the fasting process must start with a visit to the doctor and preferably with a full medical survey.

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