How To Dress Like Cristiano Ronaldo / Juventus F.C. Footballer Style Break Down - Mens Fashion Guide

Dress like Ronaldo: who else has their own fashion brand?

It's no secret that professional athletes often use big names and open their own business, release their products or collections in collaboration with well-known brands. Attracting athletes costs companies a lot more than using other stars. Contracts are measured in millions of dollars.

Sometimes launching a campaign is an exclusive initiative of media personalities. Among these - almost every second. One of the loudest examples is tennis player Rene Lacoste, the founder of the clothing company of the same name.

Not always everything goes smoothly and the brand stays on the floor. We are sure that in our selection there are those that you hear about for the first time. Take the test and try to guess if the star athlete has his own clothing line? It looks like it won't be so easy.


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