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Dress code: swimsuit. 9 beauties from the world of fitness bikini

Fitness bikini is a new nomination that dates back to 2010. In these competitions, the main thing is not strength, not dexterity, but perseverance, general appearance and charisma.

Dress code: swimsuit. 9 beauties from the world of fitness bikini

Do I have data for participation in a fitness bikini?

Competitions in which the beauty of the female body is in the first place.

In our selection - 7 girls from fitness bikinis who do not get tired of conquering spectators and judges.

Ivanna Eskandar (Spain)

Ivanna Eskandar is a multiple champion of the Bikini Olympia in Spain, the Diamond Cup championships in Portugal and Italy, as well as a three-time winner of the IFBB Championships 2017 .

Anna Baikina (Russia)

Anna Baikina with during that time I came to a fitness bikini from rhythmic gymnastics. Today she is already the champion of Russia and Europe in 2017.

Karina Gavrikova (Estonia)

Estonian Karina Gavrikova has more than enough awards in fitness bikini contests: she is a winner in Arnold Classic in the USA, Olympia champion, ranked second in Europe and third in the world.

Elizaveta Mukminova (Russia)

Another Russian woman Elizaveta Mukminova is a fitness trainer. But not just a coach, but a two-time absolute champion of Russia in the 2014/15 season, a vice-world champion who also managed to conquer Europe in 2017.

Paula Mozior (Poland)

And here is another spectacular fitness bikini girl - the absolute champion of Poland, who won hearts viewers and outside their home country.

Yana Yanko (Ukraine)

Yana Yanko is not just an absolute champion Ionka of Ukraine, but stilland vice-champion of Europe and the world.

Yuki Shimomura (Japan)

Yuki Shimomura has a small list of awards, but the Japanese woman spares no effort to keep fit and healthy.

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