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Don't stand or you'll freeze: how I ran the Christmas half marathon

Running in winter is already a huge challenge for someone, and coming to Western Siberia on New Year's holidays to take part in the competition is the height of madness. But since I myself am from Omsk, I could not afford to miss such a running event as the 27th Siberian Ice Half-Marathon.

Don't stand or you'll freeze: how I ran the Christmas half marathon

Photo:" Championship "

As expected, the favorable weather forecast at -4 ° C did not come true, and on the night of December 31, frost hit. On the day of the start, the temperature regime ranged from -23 ° C during the day to -31 ° C at night. So I had to put on all the equipment I brought with me and run like a cabbage.

At the half marathon, the phrase don’t stand still was more relevant than ever, or you’ll freeze. Many Moscow acquaintances did not understand my complaints about the weather, they say, we ran even at -28 ° C - the whole point is in the difference in climate. According to my feelings, in the capital, due to the humidity, the frost is not felt as much as in Omsk. In Siberia, it crawls under the skin like tentacles and freezes even bones! My attempt to acclimatize was two runs before the start. The main disadvantage of running in cold winter weather is a thick layer of frost on the eyelashes and a cold breath buff.

About 900 participants from 13 countries of the world took part in the half marathon. Most of the runners bravely registered for the 21.1 km, with three times as many men as women. The rest, including myself, limited themselves to a short distance of 7 km. The route of the race passed through the historic center of the city, mainly along the embankment, so in the usual cold one could expect strong gusts of wind from the river.

The Omsk Christmas Half Marathon is unofficially considered the coldest mass race worldwide - in 2001, at a temperature of -39 ° C, 13 runners covered the distance of 21.1 km. Fortunately, this year the temperature record was not set: at the time of the start, the thermometer stopped at around -23 ° C, the wind was not felt, and the sun was pleasantly warm.

It was difficult to run (due to the set layers of clothing), and fun. A lot of fans came, who read the names on the numbers and supported the runners, the participants themselves helped each other on slippery areas, the volunteers charged them with positive. Most of all on the track I was invigorated by hot tea at catering points and the desire to get a beautiful medal at the finish.

Don't stand or you'll freeze: how I ran the Christmas half marathon

Photo: “Championship”

As a result of the Christmas half marathon, I can only say one thing: you need to carefully prepare for races in the cold season. And if the temperature outside is much lower than usual, then give the body time to acclimatize. But when you run such winter competitions, no summer ones are alreadyrushny!


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