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Don't Postpone Tomorrow: 10 Good Reasons to Buy a Bike This Summer

Are you still wondering whether to buy a bike? Then we come to you.

We could start this story, but decided to just tell you about ten good reasons to do it now. After all, beautiful legs and many more bonuses (about which below) are already waiting for those who finally decide to switch to two-wheeled vehicles in 2020.

It's more convenient than walking

And you can't argue here. At the very least, this is a good time-saver. And besides, you no longer have to carry bags and heavy packages in your hands. We hung a stylish basket in the front or attached a trunk in the back - and voila.

By the way, you don't need to adjust to the public transport schedule either. We have mapped the route and you can go whenever you want, and along the way you can also stop for delicious coffee or beautiful landscapes.

Don't Postpone Tomorrow: 10 Good Reasons to Buy a Bike This Summer

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This is an effective way to lose weight

When cycling, your heart rate increases, which speeds up your metabolism and increases energy expenditure. Depending on your heart rate, your weight, the duration and speed of riding, as well as breathing, you can spend from 250 to 800 or even 1000 kcal per hour of cycling. Of course, the more intense and faster rides burn the most calories.

Don't Postpone Tomorrow: 10 Good Reasons to Buy a Bike This Summer

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Cyclists have their own community

Like any hobby, cycling can help you find new friends. You already have at least one common interest. In addition, cyclists often hold mass rides, festivals and parades that you can easily take part in. Isn't there a reason to remember your childhood, dress up in a bright suit and take a ride through the streets of your favorite city in good company?

Don't Postpone Tomorrow: 10 Good Reasons to Buy a Bike This Summer


The leg muscles will become more prominent

The legs bear the bulk of the load while riding. They are the first to respond to regular training. The pressure on the pedal begins with the contraction of the gluteal and quadriceps muscles, soon the hamstrings are activated, the calf and plantar muscles join. Cyclical movements give them not only tone, but also a beautiful relief, which can be seen in professional cyclists.

Lung volume will increase

When cycling, the lungs begin to work much more actively than usual. During long rides, they not only gradually increase in volume, but also get rid of toxic substances (especially if you ride closer to nature, and not within the city).

Don't Postpone Tomorrow: 10 Good Reasons to Buy a Bike This Summer


Stress level will decrease

Monotonous movements and measured breathing can quicklyput your thoughts in order and switch you to new, positive emotions. Still, cycling for most of us is like a carefree childhood. To get a dose of serotonin, try driving at least a couple of kilometers in your new two-wheeled friend.

The problem with insomnia will be solved

Yes, and not only because you will become more tired. During skiing, the blood is intensively enriched with oxygen, it goes to the cells of the brain. It is this saturation that makes sleep deeper and healthier. In addition, cycling will relieve you of the stress hormone cortisol, which is often the cause of insomnia.

Don't Postpone Tomorrow: 10 Good Reasons to Buy a Bike This Summer

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Improvement of thinking abilities

And here again oxygen saturation is to blame. It becomes the cause of the birth of new brain cells. This activates your thought processes, improves memory.

These types of aerobic exercise affect the hippocampus. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for memory, learning and emotions. This effect was confirmed by research at the University of Illinois. After six months of daily cycling, the test participants' hippocampus increased by 2%, and their memorization and error detection abilities improved by 15-20%. And most importantly, as a result of the experiment, the scientists found that just a few months of driving allowed the brain to rejuvenate by two years.

Don't Postpone Tomorrow: 10 Good Reasons to Buy a Bike This Summer

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No parking problems

Buying a bike complete with a lock will solve most of the parking problems that motorists are familiar with. Often it is they who become the last straw in the decision to change the vehicle. The bike can be easily parked where there is no car park, drives right up to the entrance or, if desired, even drives into the floor - and your transport is always within easy reach.

Saving money

In general, prices do not bite on bicycles. Although it all depends on your requests. You can buy both a used version for a penny, and the most sophisticated and equipped bike for a tidy sum. However, you save a lot on the road when compared to using public transport or your own car.


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