#CoronaVirus is spreading: Learn how to protect yourself

Don't panic. How to protect yourself from coronavirus

It seems that even young children have heard about the ill-fated coronavirus. The virus continues its deadly tread, covering more and more new territories. To date, the infected have not been identified in only one country - Montenegro. And what should everyone else do?

What is coronavirus?

This is a large group of viruses that includes more than 30 types. First of all, they infect animals, but in humans they can provoke diseases and complications of varying degrees.

The virus is spreading at great speed. According to the National Health Commission of China, there are currently more than 80,000 confirmed cases in the country. The number of infections worldwide, according to the SCMP, in two days increased by 8 thousand, to 126 575. There are 28 infected in Russia.

There are celebrities among the cases: actor Tom Hanks and his wife, Juventus footballer Daniele Rugani, French Minister of Culture Frank Riester.

Pediatrician, MD Anna Levadnaya: Good news! In China, the epidemic has subsided. This happens because a person adapts to the virus, the virus itself changes, an immune layer appears in society, which leads to a natural decrease in mortality. Well, excellent measures to isolate the sick.
Don't panic. How to protect yourself from coronavirus

From personal experience: which of the celebrities has already contracted the coronavirus

And now even more actively encourages its fans not to leave the house.

Don't panic. How to protect yourself from coronavirus

Nature sighed. It turned out that the coronavirus also has pluses

The current situation cleared the air over China, and dolphins arrived in Venice.

How can you get infected?

Do it's not very difficult. Coronavirus spreads through contact with a sick person, and in addition, the risk of infection increases if you touch contaminated surfaces.

It is important to remember that the symptoms of coronavirus are difficult to distinguish from an acute respiratory infection. Often the sick have a fever, fever, and cough. Symptoms may not appear immediately - up to two weeks after infection.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus

The Rospotrebnadzor website lists 7 main steps to prevent a viral infection, following which you will reduce the risk of infection. They are not particularly different from general virus protection rules, so we would advise you not to neglect them at any time.

Anna Levadnaya: The infectiousness of the coronavirus is comparable to that of influenza and lower than that of measles, for example. The likelihood of getting sick if you came into direct contact with a patient with coronavirus is low (~ 1-5%).

1. Moewash your hands with soap. By the way, not so long ago an experiment was published, which was conducted by teacher Jarali Metcalfe at school with her students.

Jarali posted the results of the three-week experiment on her facebook. The piece, which was touched with hands washed with soap, remained as fresh as possible. Even the sanitizer didn't give that effect.

Don't panic. How to protect yourself from coronavirus

Experiment results with bread and dirty / clean hands

Photo: facebook.com/jaraleer

2. Maintain a distance. The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, for example by sneezing or coughing, so try to keep a distance of at least a meter from patients. Although we understand that in public transport this is almost impossible. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Best practice is to wear a medical mask.

Anna Levadnaya: The mortality rate from coronavirus today is 2-3%. More than 80% of people carry the virus easily (and most likely more).

3. Lead a healthy lifestyle. And although many say that alcohol can protect against the effects of coronavirus, the Ministry of Health warns about the opposite. Large doses, on the other hand, can lower your immunity.

4. Protect your respiratory system. Medical masks will help you with this. They can be disposable or reapplied, but must be sure to fit well to the nose and mouth and leave no gaps. Also, a mask is not practical outdoors.

Important: You cannot always wear the same mask, albeit reusable. Change it at least several times a day.
Don't panic. How to protect yourself from coronavirus

Self-isolation: why is it important to stay at home now

A non-working week is a reason to go to barbecue with friends? The doctor answers.

Don't panic. How to protect yourself from coronavirus

Test: Can I get coronavirus? Calculating the odds

Dealing with the doctor, are you doing everything right in the quarantine.

I think I'm sick: what to do?

Check symptoms: high body temperature, headache, chills, weakness, nasal congestion, cough, muscle pain, conjunctivitis. In some cases, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. At least some of them match? Call your doctor. Only a professional healthcare professional can correctly diagnose and prescribe treatment. Limit contact with loved ones if you do not want to endanger them. Ventilate the area, then follow the doctor's instructions.

Remember: You should never ignore the symptoms. With the right treatment, you can protect yourself, your loved ones and colleagues.


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