Don't give up: the strong story of Paralympian Alexei Moshkin

On March 1, the Russian sports drama From the Bottom of the Top , the plot of which is based on real events, was released on the screens of cinemas. Alexei Tsarev, a young athlete from the junior alpine skiing team, overcomes pain, fear and uncertainty in order to realize his dream and become the best in the competition.

The prototype of the protagonist is the two-time Paralympic ski champion Alexei Moshkin. Alexey was personally present on the set, consulted the actors and even played a cameo role.

The scriptwriter of the film, Rauf Kubaev, said that it all started when the Paralympian told him several stories from his life, which he considered necessary to include into the movie.

How was it really?

The future Paralympic champion was born in the city of Mezhdurechensk. Alexey Moshkin began to practice alpine skiing at an early age. As a child, he heard one of his acquaintances tell his peers about classes in a ski school. After that, he also wanted to go there, and he asked his parents to sign him up for the first training session.

At first, alpine skiing did not impress the young skier, and in secret from his parents, he even began to skip classes. However, after talking with his father, Alexei made the final decision to devote himself to skiing. This is how the story of the future Paralympic Champion and Honored Master of Sports Alexei Moshkin began.

Alexey Moshkin good physically developed and, of course, like any athlete, has a strong character. This has been the case since childhood. Thanks to his physical abilities and strength of mind, the young athlete immediately began to take part in various competitions. The level of competition increased each time: first it was city competitions, then regional, all-Union, and then international.

In 1986, a tragic incident occurred in the life of Alexei Moshkin, which divided his life into before and after. As a result of the train accident, Alexei lost both legs. As the athlete himself recalls, the doctors then advised him not to even think about skiing. But Alexei was determined to continue his work. Even then, he could not imagine his life without sports.

The goal is still the same - the championship

Then, in the hospital, the young athlete decided for himself that he would not give up, no matter what, moreover, he would not just learn to walk anew, but would get back on skis. The goal remains the same - to become a champion. As Moshkin himself later admitted, he was then completely a child and did not fully realize what was happening. In many ways, this is what helped him move on. Alexhe still believed - despite what the doctors say, he will go skiing again.

Having outlined a goal, Moshkin walked towards it long and hard. First, he learned to walk on prostheses, then he mastered rollers and a bicycle. In training, he always gave all the best and was ready for any stress. Alexei had to change plans, however, despite all the misfortunes, he did not forget about his dream and still strove for it. Thanks to his strong character and constant training, he was gradually able to get the necessary shape. After years of hard work, he finally started competing again.

Deserves respect. The sporting path of Alexei Moshkin

During his career, Moshkin managed to win two gold medals at the Winter Paralympic Games - in 1994 and 1998, as well as bronze medals at the Paralympics in 1994 and 2002. In addition, Alexey has repeatedly become a medalist of the World and European Championships.

One of the most difficult awards in the athlete's piggy bank is a bronze medal at the 2002 Paralympics. Back in 2001, during the World Cup, the athlete broke his collarbone. Because of this, he was unable to take part in the competition, but began to prepare for the Paralympics. However, the athlete was again unlucky. A few weeks before the Games, during training, he again broke his collarbone, and his ribs and scapula were also injured. And again Moshkin showed strength of spirit and character. Alexey firmly decided that he would participate in the competition. At this Paralympics, the Russian athlete, despite a serious injury, managed to win a bronze medal in the slalom discipline.

The story about the Paralympic Games in Albertville in 1992, which is shown in the film, actually happened to Moshkin. Then the future Paralympic champion could be disqualified. Moshkin could not drive past a friend who needed help and was late for the start. In the end, he was still allowed to participate in the competition, and he won gold. However, the French team filed a protest, as a result of which Alexei Moshkin was deprived of the gold medal in favor of the athlete from France. Despite this, the French athlete, who eventually took first place, passed the medal to Moshkin himself.

Despite injuries and difficult life situations, the Russian athlete never gave up on his goal. Since childhood, he has strived to become a champion, and he itched. Only in 2010, Aleksey Moshkin, Merited Master of Sports and two-time champion of the Winter Paralympic Games, finished his professional career.

Now Alexey Moshkin speaks at various conferences and forums for young people, gives master classes. And, of course, together with friendsthe actors and the director of the film takes part in private screenings, as well as in discussions of the film From the Bottom of the Top.

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