Foods That Famous Chefs Absolutely Won't Eat

Don't even try: diets that definitely won't help you

One of the most frequent searches in search engines before the New Year is how to lose weight quickly in order to fit into that perfect dress. However, even after the holidays, the stream of questions continues. Often, the first priority is the rapid loss of excess weight, which we allegedly ate over the weekend. Everything is used: even the most unusual diets that can be found on the Internet. Many of them will not only be ineffective, but most likely damage health. We will tell you about what methods of losing weight should be forgotten, because they will definitely not give the desired result.

Sprat diet

What kind of diets do not exist in the world: night, yellow, sprat. Probably, any person who understands a little about proper nutrition will understand that smoked fish in oil will not help you lose weight. And the combination of sprat with udon is generally insane. The very idea of ​​a sprat diet belongs to a woman from the YouTube channel Mama an excellent student. Memes are born from her lines, so don't fall for the trick and don't take a joke as a guide to action. This diet will not help you lose weight, and then it will negatively affect your health.

Alcohol Diet

Believe me, a wine diet is not the best way to lose weight in seven days. Especially if you value well-being. Indeed, with its help you can get rid of extra pounds. Unfortunately, this effect is achieved due to dehydration of the body. In addition, as you know, alcoholic beverages do not suppress appetite, but rather enhance it. The likelihood of overeating and breaking down is very high. And no matter what they say, we must remember that wine itself is a high-calorie drink. If you abuse it, you will not be able to lose weight.

What kind of diet do the authors of the method suggest? One boiled egg for breakfast, wine and coffee. At lunchtime, portions are doubled, except for coffee. And for dinner, you can enjoy a small steak, finish off the remaining wine in the bottle and start drinking coffee again. Needless to say, alcohol is bad for the heart, especially when combined with caffeine?

Don't even try: diets that definitely won't help you

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Don't even try: diets that definitely won't help you

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Tomato diet

Types of this diet there are many: tomato-apple, tomato-kefir and tomato-cucumber. This technique appeared in Japan, and then spread throughout the world. You may be able to shed a few extra pounds by eating only tomatoes, but you will not look your best.

Don't even try: diets that definitely won't help you


According to the rules, you should only eat fresh tomatoes every day and drink them with tomato juice. It contains a large amount of salt, which retains fluid in the body. There is a great chance of waking up with swelling and a bloated stomach. In addition, excessive consumption of tomatoes can cause allergies and disruption of the gastrointestinal tract - not far from gastritis. With this outcome, you will definitely have to go on a diet, but not on a tomato one.

Diet on pasta and chocolate

Few people will believe, but there is a diet during which you need to eat chocolate and pasta. This technique assumes that you can drink only water, and cook only pasta for lunch and dinner, for example with tomatoes. In the evening, you can treat yourself to chocolate and popcorn. The authors believe that sweets will saturate the body and give a feeling of happiness - so you can easily endure all the difficulties of losing weight. But can a chocolate bar replace those vital substances that the body needs?

Don't even try: diets that definitely won't help you

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Don't even try: diets that definitely won't help you

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Why is it bad to lose weight quickly?

Even if you see a seemingly reasonable way to lose weight in the shortest possible time, it is better to drop this option. Accelerated weight loss is harmful to the body, especially if it is achieved through extreme reduction in foods in the diet. Eating tomatoes, sprats or pasta with chocolate is just that case. The nutritionist, nutritionist and blogger Boris Tsatsulin believes that such fast diets will lead to severe stress.

Boris: There are three components here. And the first is psychological, when a person abruptly changes his standard dietary stereotype, which has been developed over a long time, to an unusual deficit diet, where there is a small set of foods. Yes, the result will be: fast weight loss is possible. But it is accompanied not only by physical but also psychological stress. In order to consolidate the result, you need to develop it for a long time, develop a new template. If there is a diet for a short period, and then there is a return to the usual diet, then, naturally, the result will not be fixed. And in addition, you will get psychological stress.

Don't even try: diets that definitely won't help you


Well what to do if no fast diet works? We advise you to eat right every day and go in for sports, because you cannot get a toned body in a couple of days. Daily work on yourself- the guarantee of beautiful forms and good health.

Don't even try: diets that definitely won't help you

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