Don't drink milk - you will become a champion! Jermain Defoe and the Williams sisters recipe

Jermain Defoe is absolutely confident that he gained much more than he lost by eliminating meat, eggs and dairy products from his diet. I do not find anything difficult in giving up some products, because I know why I am doing it, - the England striker admitted in his interview.

And he's not the only one who prefers herbal products. Many other athletes are discovering the same benefits of a vegetarian diet - and, like Defoe, are seeing their productivity skyrocket and the time the body spends recovering from exercise is dramatically reduced. Many even say that fueling their bodies with super nutritious plant foods is the key to their career success.

British professional boxer David Hayemaker Haye, recognized as one of the best boxers of his generation, also adheres to a vegetarian diet. Despite becoming a vegan for ethical reasons, Haye confessed that the diet made him stronger than ever last year.

Even the tennis superstars Williams sisters eat a plant-based diet. In one of her interviews, Venus Williams said that it was a balanced diet that allowed her to return to court after doctors diagnosed a violation of the autoimmune system.

It definitely changed my whole life, - the tennis player admitted in an interview with Health magazine.

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