How coronavirus is making Olympic athletes train under quarantine

Do not stop. How quarantined athletes train

In many states, a quarantine regime has already been introduced. Moreover, for example, in Italy, citizens are forbidden to leave their homes without a critical need, and in a number of football clubs, the players were found to have a coronavirus. But the inhabitants of the European country do not despair, just like other sports fans around the world. They found unusual ways to train at home and at the same time pay attention to the actual problem.

What is StayAtHomeChallenge?

#StayAtHomeChallenge is the idea of ​​@ 433 football public. The main tasks of the challenge are to ensure that people do not forget about what they love during quarantine and, of course, regularly take care of their clean hands. To join this peculiar game, you need to follow simple rules.

  1. Wet your hands and squeeze the liquid soap into them. If yours is hard, lightly lather your palms.
  2. Thoroughly wash your hands for 20 seconds while striking a ball or other suitable object.
  3. Try to keep your balance and prevent the ball from jumping off.
  4. Wash off the soap and dry your hands.

Juventus footballers Matthijs de Ligt and Dejan Kulusevski , as well as Arsenal player Shkodran Mustafi , were the first to take part in the challenge. They supported the Internet Public Initiative and thanked the authors for the opportunity to be pioneers.

De Ligt, unlike his colleagues, used toilet paper instead of a ball. And, it seems, provoked this social network users. Now the personal hygiene item has almost become a #StayAtHomeChallenge symbol.

Some athletes and bloggers began to come up with other ways to diversify the game. For example, Theo Walcott from Everton swapped out inventory with a soft toy, Arsenal midfielder Granite Jaka nailed his head, and street football star Nasser El Jackson chose the ball. frying pan with scrambled eggs.

Unfortunately, some users are so addicted to dribbling that they began to forget about hygiene. Although their feints are impressive, we recall that during the spread of coronavirus infection, it is extremely important to wash your hands thoroughly.

Do not stop. How quarantined athletes train

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Do not stop. How quarantined athletes train

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How else do athletes keep fit in quarantine?

The Challenge has become rather a kind of method to focus on preventing the virus and unnecessary times to score a ball than a real way of training. Therefore, the athletes continued to exercise at home. And some - in a very unusual way. The Olympic 5,000 meter champion Paul Chelimo decided to replace the treadmill with a slippery Jacuzzi. He poured laundry detergent into the bathtub and imitated walking on the machine, balancing himself with a towel bar.

In order not to be bored, pets have joined the training of athletes in quarantine. Inter striker seems to be Lautaro Martinez happy to be with his pug.

And Douglas Costa from Juventus was joined by a white Samoyed dog named Bella.

Douglas' teammate Paulo Dybala also preferred to study with a companion. It was his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini. Together they passed the ball to each other with their heads and even mastered the basics of pair fitness.

Still, the largest group of workout fans has gathered in Seville. There, a fitness trainer, standing on a high stage, explained the exercises to the townspeople. The Spaniards watched what was happening from windows and balconies and repeated the movements without leaving the apartment.

Perhaps someone thinks that isolation at home is boring. But not these guys. Napoli footballer Dries Mertens amused subscribers with squats with a huge bottle of wine. Liverpool player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain decided that dancing is much more fun than just training.

But his teammate James Milner decided to develop not physical strength, but attentiveness and perfectionism.

With their publications and funny videos, the players proved that home isolation is not a reason to get discouraged and abandon training. Let them bThey will not be as intense as in the gym or on the field, but will still remind the muscles of physical activity. Do not forget that quarantine is a temporary measure, and great shape requires constant work on yourself.

Do not stop. How quarantined athletes train

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Do not stop. How quarantined athletes train

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