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Do I have data to participate in a fitness bikini?

The “Fitness Bikini” nomination, which appeared in 2010, continues to gain popularity. But, which is logical, along with the growth of popularity, competition also grows. Many girls strive to take part in the competition in order to show the result of their work in routine training in the gym. It is important to take into account that muscles play here far from such a decisive role as, for example, in bodybuilding. The beauty of the female body comes first.

The girl participating in the nomination needs to demonstrate her figure on stage in an open leotard and high heels. Her charm and good looks should be remembered by the audience and the jury. They, in turn, evaluate the appearance of the contestant as a whole: makeup, hair, beauty of the face, balanced development of muscles, smooth skin, posture and the ability to keep graceful and confident.

There are three categories by which girls are divided by height:

● Up to 163
● Up to 168
● Over 168

Competitions are held in one round, which consists of presentation and comparison. During the first part, the bikinists take turns on the stage and present their model walk. The walk of the model consists of clearly defined actions: exit from the curtains to the center of the stage, stop in a free frontal position facing the judges (hand on the hip), turn 180 degrees and the same free back position, turn 180 degrees and retreat to the back stage plan. Each participant is given 10 seconds.

In the second part of the round, that is, in comparison, girls are invited in groups and take positions with their faces, then their backs to the judges. So, the jury has the ability to evaluate the contestants from two sides only.

Are your parameters suitable for participating in a fitness bikini?

Now let's turn to the interesting. What data is still needed to participate in a fitness bikini?

● The most important thing is the initially correct proportions, what is genetically laid down. Unfortunately, the shape of the skeleton cannot be influenced.

● The key to a successful performance is a sufficiently developed musculature. Muscles must be developed harmoniously.

● A small percentage of subcutaneous fat. This is approximately 8% - 10% of total body fat.

You yourself can calculate the average weight of participants in a fitness bikini. In general, it is determined by a simple formula: height minus 112-114.

Features of training in preparation

Bikinists train intensively using supersets and circular techniques. Cardio also plays a big role in helping to maintain muscle in the desired shape and burn excess fat.

It is important not to forget about food. It is necessary to monitor him not only during intensive preparation for the endcourse, but also in the offseason.

In general, every girl can compete in the nomination of a fitness bikini. Many go to the competition not for medals and cups, but for motivation. However, not everyone can become a champion. And is it really necessary?

Cost of participation in a fitness bikini

Option Economy Standard
Registration for the competition 1,000 - 2,000 rubles 1,000-2,000 rubles. Traveling to the USA - Add at least $ 3000 more in expenses
Swimsuit Used or sewn by yourself. You can find options for 3,000 - 5,000 rubles. Order from the American site - $ 150 - $ 300. You can buy in Russia for 10,000-30,000 rubles
Shoes From hands - 2,000 rubles 100-200 $
Makeup Self-application - 2,000 rubles Application using a special spray machine - 3,000-5,000 rubles
Decorations Inexpensive shiny things from the online store 1,000 rubles. A bracelet and earrings can be very expensive. Average price - 3,000-5,000 rubles
Hairstyle By yourself From 1,000 rubles
Makeup By yourself From 2,000 rubles
Beauty treatments By yourself 20,000 rubles for a massage course, for example.
Trainer Self-training and practicing positions on videos on YouTube. Eminent professionals charge from 30,000 rubles for training.
Sports nutrition, fat burners and more - Protein, L-carnitine, BCAA - 10,000 rubles
Total Minimum RUB 9,000 From 100,000 rubles

Bikini Fitness: What After?

Many female members become big after a few years of regular strength training. This is due to the progress in muscle growth. In any case, when the former contestant returns to the normal percentage of subcutaneous fat, it, combined with the muscles, gives an ugly volume. Many bikinists are familiar with the problems: jeans do not fit or the dress does not fasten on the back.

В in general, dear girls, you should not imitate bikinist models in a competitive form. Find your state in which you will feel healthy, beautiful and confident.

From Mom to Bikini Fitness Competitor | EPISODE I

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