Dmitry Klokov: I would not have taken place without sports

In the modern world, meeting a real gentleman is a rarity and great luck. After all, few people manage to combine brutality, persistent life principles, unshakable diligence and the ability to show gentle, soft feelings. In a special project Givenchy and the Championship, we want to share the story of a hero who, contrary to all stereotypes, combined such seemingly opposite qualities as masculinity and elegance.

weightlifter Dmitry Klokov being a gentleman turns out to be as good and natural as winning champion titles. Sport for him has always been an integral part of life: as a child, he did not leave the stadium in the yard, playing football, and later practiced judo. Dmitry came to weightlifting at the age of 12 - and it cost him a lot of effort. Despite the fact that his father, Vyacheslav Klokov, himself won the world title in this sport, he definitely did not want his son to be a professional weightlifter. Today Dmitry Klokov is a champion and multiple medalist of the world championship, as well as a silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Currently, he is developing his own clothing brand WINNER, manufactures weightlifting equipment KLOKOV Equipment, owns the KLOKOV & BazaTeam gym and motivates sports enthusiasts in workshops around the world. We met with Dmitry to talk about his path to success, business projects, life principles and family relationships.

About sports: the beginning of a professional career and the path to success

All my childhood I was in sports, but under control. The task was just to get me out of the yard and get me to work. But my father did not want me to be a professional athlete.

The whole environment of our family pushed me into weightlifting. Yes, he plays sports, but look at his legs - the muscles are hanging. Still small, and already muscles! All in you, - friends said to my father. That's how it broke one day.

Dmitry Klokov: I would not have taken place without sports

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Keep in mind that the rates are the highest. We will prepare for the most difficult challenges. You must understand that at any moment the sport can end for you. Every day, every workout, every approach can be your last. No matter how cool you leave the arena, you will be forgotten, - said my father when he agreed to send me to weightlifting.

Initially, I did not want to become an outstanding athlete. I wanted to be better than the other guys. I always wanted to be better in my age.

Once my father took us to the Olympics and showed us how it goes live. I found motivation in it: I had a dream to become an Olympic champion or a medalist.

Dmitry Klokov: I would not have taken place without sports

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

My parents traveled with me everywhere, because they themselves are from sports. Mom was not a weightlifter, naturallyvenally, she was engaged in figure skating. I always felt comfortable when my family came to support. It was an integral part of almost every competition.

To be honest I felt successful right after the first show ( laughs ). It never happened that at first I considered myself a failure, and then I won something and changed my attitude. Competitions have always been a joy to me, and it is a must have to bring a medal from them. If it worked out, it was a success. But to say to myself Yes, I succeeded as a weightlifter, I was probably closer to adult victories.

When I became world champion in 2005, I caught up with my father in regalia. It was a kind of waterline, after which everything that is bigger, taller than my father, was already a plus for me.

Now Dmitry is the founder of a new sport - crosslifting. He is engaged in its development at the head of the RFSOO Association of Power Sports.
Dmitry Klokov: I would not have taken place without sports

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

About business: the idea of ​​creating a brand and the pleasure of work

Preparing for a competition , you skip your education, do not start doing business, do not accumulate start-up capital - as a result you leave your career and start a new business practically from scratch. Throughout my sports life, my father advised me to prepare psychologically, physically, in whatever way I like to avoid this. He even started tossing business magazines, introducing me to outside activities. I got carried away with it.

When I was first equipped for a trip to the adult European championship, I realized that I wanted to create exactly sportswear. The uniform of the national team made a strong impression. Although already before that I sewed dresses for my younger sister's dolls. Many years later, this experience came in handy, and in 2010, when my daughter was discharged from the hospital, I sewed a jumpsuit for her with frills and bows from my T-shirts.

Dmitry Klokov: I would not have taken place without sports

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Since 2005, I have patented a trademark, I was engaged in development and design. I took a car and went to competitions that I did not compete in. I loaded up weightlifting jerseys and sold them while still an athlete.

I do a lot of things now, but the greatest pleasure I get from organizing and running competitions. I set myself a new challenge - to organize a children's sports festival next year, which will include more than 20 sports. We are already doing this.

I run seminars all over the world. For five and a half years, 406 12-hour classes took place in 60 countries.

The most important type of my business activity for many years has been the production of WINNER sportswear. This business is like the first child for me.

Every man should have three things in his wardrobe : a classic suit, a tracksuit and ... a swimsuitand. After all, not being able to switch from work to leisure, we would all have gone crazy long ago.

Dmitry Klokov: I would not have taken place without sports

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

For me, sport is everything: both a hobby and a job. I realized that I want to do everything related to him.

I am a happy person. As they say, if you find a job that is enjoyable, you will not work a single day in your life. This fully describes what I am doing now.

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Dmitry Klokov: I would not have taken place without sports

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

On the principles: hard work, respect for people and sports

I don't like to name goals - I work for them. For me, sport is a great example of how, for a really significant result, for example, medals at the World Championships, you need to train every day. You can prepare for years, but every day is important.

I appreciate efficiency, self-confidence and decency. I cannot speak for myself whether I have all three qualities. But I try to live up to the ideal that I have in my head and in which I believe.

Being able to work is something I'm definitely proud of. At any time of the day, on every front of work, I give my best. So it was in sports, so now in business and in whatever it was. This is my main advantage.

Dmitry Klokov: I would not have taken place without sports

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

I really value people and do not throw them around.

Every person with whom I do business is a client forever. I don't work short. On the contrary, I try to do so that the person then stays with me for life.

I respect sports. He made me, in me, one might say, sits his gene, without which I would not have taken place in life. I must be grateful to the sport both in body and head.

Idol of my childhood Dimas Prirros is a three-time Olympic champion and a bronze medalist. He just infected me with motivation and energy.

In modern media realities, the ability to serve and sell prevails. People remember some because of their outstanding success, and others because of the presentation of the material. I'm not entirely happy about this, but it's just reality.

When it comes about a real gentleman, people usually speak in standard clichés. FirstThat is, what comes to mind is always to let the girl go ahead, to give her flowers. I agree with everything that is inherent in the word gentleman, and I always keep these principles in my head.

Dmitry Klokov: I would not have taken place without sports

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

About family: love for my daughter and willingness to support her every decision

My wife and I are like a bad and good police officer for our daughter Nastya. Due to the fact that, unfortunately, I am rarely at home so far, all the upbringing lies with my wife. I am acting as a punitive body ( laughs ). Within reason, of course!

My daughter and I are not friends yet, but she misses me. It can be seen that when I come home, she always finds time to show and tell everything. It's hard for me to understand exactly how Nastya perceives me, but it feels like there is a certain accuracy in her attitude.

Certainly , I understand that I often overdo it with work. But in the end, this is all - for Nastya and her future. I hope that later she will understand me and forgive her unlucky father.

For me, my daughter is the most important thing in life.

Dmitry Klokov: I would not have taken place without sports

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

When I was an athlete , I wanted my child, be it a daughter or a son, also went into professional sports. Now, having plunged into ordinary life, I understand that desire has completely disappeared. Perhaps I am repeating my father's story.

In the family we have so much sports that we try not to talk about it at home. Because everything is connected with him anyway!

If my daughter suddenly wants to go in for professional sports, I will not dissuade her. But I will not motivate Nastya to become a famous athlete, an Olympic champion. But if she accepts my childish desire, then, naturally, I will support her.

Dmitry Klokov - Failure Before Success

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