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Diving for beginners: underwater museums, license and preparation

The underwater world of the seas attracts more and more tourists, and therefore more and more offers to dive into the depths appear at popular resorts. Diving is becoming more and more popular, and therefore attracts lovers of easy money. We'll show you how to properly prepare for your first dive.

Diving for beginners: underwater museums, license and preparation


First steps of a future diver

  • First of all, a beginner diver needs to check his own health. If you have problems with the cardiovascular or respiratory systems, then diving is contraindicated for you, the therapist will tell you about the other contraindications, and there are several hundred of them. It is necessary to understand that no one will let you go to the depth without preparation. Even before a test dive in the pool, you will be admitted only after a lecture on safety, the purpose of equipment and the rules for being underwater. The dive in the pool will take place gradually and under the constant supervision of the instructor.
Diving for beginners: underwater museums, license and preparation


  • After you understand that you want to learn the basics of diving, you can start choosing a school. It is important to make sure that your school is internationally accredited, otherwise the certificate you receive will only be valid in the country where you received it.
  • The main thing to remember is that even after receiving the certificate, it is necessary to dive with an instructor, even experienced divers never dive alone. Novice divers usually do not need to buy personal equipment, at first everything you need can be rented, but professionals still advise you to dive in your own mask.

Where to dive for the first time

Top 3 Most Popular Sites: Barrier Reef in Australia, Egypt and Maldives.

It is best to choose a school directly at the resort where you plan to make your first dive. Despite its high cost, the Maldives are in great demand among novice divers. The islands have a large selection of diving centers, many gentle slopes where beginners dive, the islands are coral, so a rich underwater world is provided for you.

Malta is no less popular, but mainly those who are attracted not by the flora and fauna, and sunken ships.

Also worth noting separately is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, this is, if not the most popular place for diving, then certainly one of them, it will be interesting not only for beginners, but also for those who already have diving experience, all because of the huge number of different types of fish and corals. Egypt is considered the best place for beginner divers. The Red Sea attracts tourists with a rich underwater world, a wide variety of schools, as well as an inexpensive price.

Diving for beginners: underwater museums, license and preparation


Underwater museums

Top 3 most popular museumszee: the island of Grenada, Naples and the Harbor of Judah. ​​

Those who have already gained a little diving experience can discover the underwater museums. The first such museum appeared near the island of Grenada in 2006, the idea belongs to Jason de Kairos Taylor . The sculptures that were submerged in the sea, in addition to the aesthetic function, were supposed to restore coral reefs damaged during the hurricane.

Gradually, the idea was picked up in other countries, and even on other continents. For example, a museum of underwater sculptures appeared in Mexico, in 2016 the first such museum in Europe was opened in Spain, which is also called the first underwater museum of modern art. Another type of underwater museums is sunken monuments of antiquity. Those interested in ancient architecture can discover the sunken ancient Roman city of Baia, near Naples. Or the Harbor of Judah - one of the largest ports of the Roman Empire, which in our time is also under water, this museum is located near the Mediterranean coast of Israel. An equally interesting underwater museum exists in the United States: The Historical Shipwreck Trail, the oldest of the ships on the routes, sank back in the 17th century.


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