The Thinking Photographer: How to See a Photograph and Mentally Frame It As You Shoot

Difficult Championship test: guess the stadium from the photo

True football fans have repeatedly witnessed lively matches. Instead of sitting on a comfortable sofa in front of the TV, they went to the narrow stands to feel the unique atmosphere of the struggle. Moreover, many sports arenas located in different countries have become not just a venue for games, but a real national landmark.

Difficult Championship test: guess the stadium from the photo

ABBA, Queen and Pink Floyd: the story of legendary concerts at Wembley

How the musical revolution took place at a football stadium in England.

We have selected for you photos of ten football stadiums. Of course, not all of them are widely known, but each has its own clue. Can you recognize the arenas from these pictures? If the first questions seem simple to you, then we promise that it will be more difficult further. And don't be discouraged if you guess less than you expected. It's really hard to answer every question correctly in this test.

40 Football Stadiums To Visit Before You Die

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