What Victoria's Secret Models Really Eat In A Day

Diet of angels. What Victoria's Secret Models Eat To Stay Slim

Victoria's Secret models are among the most popular in the world. This brand turns lingerie shows into a real show where the coolest stars of the moment perform. Obviously, girls need to be in perfect shape at these shows. It is no coincidence that they are called angels, and their food is the diet of angels. How do they do it all and can Victoria's Secret models eat junk food?

Two weeks of quarantine

The angel diet is a kind of two-week quarantine. In 14 days, you can lose about 8 kg of excess weight and go to the podium in the best shape. What you definitely shouldn't eat is sugar, salt and alcohol. Not in any form. It is better to season salads with lemon juice, and if you use olive oil, then a small spoonful for one serving.

Of course, without drinking plenty of water, too, nowhere. You must drink at least 2.5 liters of still water a day. Even medicinal mineral water, if carbonated, can greatly harm the figure. But a glass of plain water before and after a meal perfectly dampens hunger.

Diet of angels. What Victoria's Secret Models Eat To Stay Slim

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Two empty breakfasts and a steak for dinner

So, the day of the angel diet begins with two breakfasts. The first includes either a cup of black coffee without sugar or a cup of green tea. The second breakfast consists of any fruit, but it is important that this fruit is small. For lunch, you can use two boiled eggs, a salad of one tomato and herbs, and add two potatoes in their skins.

But dinner should be as dense as possible with such a severe diet. So, dinner can consist of beef steak and fresh vegetable salad. If you do not eat meat, then you can safely replace beef with fish. But by no means fried, but grilled, for example.

All 14 days of the angel diet must follow a roughly similar schedule. Sometimes you can substitute steak for vegetable soup, green tea for freshly squeezed juice, and jacket potatoes for lean ham. But in fact, these are just variations of the diet compiled on the first day, which can be slightly changed so as not to get bored.

Alessandra Ambrosio loves nuts

It is clear that it is impossible to sit on such strict diets all your life ... Therefore, Victoria's Secret celebrity models have individual nutritional secrets. For example, Brazilian beauty Alessandra Ambrosio is delighted with Japanese cuisine and loves nuts as a snack.

At the same time, the Brazilian woman does not hesitate to admit that sometimes she likes to eat somethingdelicious and unhealthy, like hamburger, chips, and sugary soda. She is confident that it relieves stress and does not harm the figure in reasonable amounts.

Herbal tea from Sister Kim Kardashian

Rising Victoria's Secret star Kendall Jenner is the half-sister of Kim Kardashian, so she is always in the spotlight. Kendall loves herbal teas and can easily drink 10 cups a day, sometimes more. For the rest, she sticks to protein, vegetables and fruits.

Like Ambrosio, Jenner loves fast food and even shares his love with subscribers, taking pictures of himself eating burgers. It is she who often encourages model friends to celebrate the end of the next show with a juicy fried cutlet.

Adriana Lima and Boxing

Perhaps the most famous Victoria's Secret model is another Brazilian Adriana Lima. She has been the brand ambassador since 1999. Obviously, in order to maintain such a chic shape for 20 years, you need to put in a lot of effort. Adriana's daily meals include fish or chicken with vegetables, as well as various cereals. She uses fresh carrots or cucumbers as a snack.

Very harsh. But Lima still goes in for sports every day. And very tough. Adriana really likes boxing, which, among other things, helps to relieve the psychological burden. Although the model still has a slight weakness. Sometimes she really wants dessert, and she cannot deny herself this. After all, diets are created in order to break them.

What we EAT in a DAY as Victoria's Secret Models

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