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Diet myths. Why is sport not enough to get in shape?

And again we are ready to destroy the well-known stereotypes about diets. In the previous post, read about why the principle of calorie deficit does not work.

Diet myths. Why is sport not enough to get in shape?

Myths about diets. Why isn't eating less helping you?

Why isn't calorie deficit always working?

A very common myth has caught our attention today. It is quite similar to the previous one - you need to eat less. However, they usually do not act together, but on the contrary strictly separately.

Myth # 4 - sport will save everyone

Adherents of such a theory forget that one should always act and train wisely. For example, cardio for longer than an hour will burn muscle. And uncontrolled strength training tends to damage your joints rather than increase strength. Can such uncontrolled loads lead to good results?

Carbohydrate window

Another way of understanding the myth is sports as an indulgence for the stomach. For example, after an hour of running, such athletes immediately run for chips and chocolates. And what, the calories seem to have already been burned. Unfortunately or fortunately, it doesn't work that way. The post-workout carbohydrate window is not a panacea for all ills and certainly not a white flag for gluttons.

Diet myths. Why is sport not enough to get in shape?

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Carbohydrate window is the time, usually the first 30-40 minutes, immediately after physical activity (workout, intense work, active sports, jogging, etc.). After exercise, the body has an amazing ability to quickly absorb nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates. Their assimilation is 3-4 times faster than usual. This state of affairs is again associated with hormonal shifts and banal energy expenditure.

If your goal is not only weight loss, but also the quality of muscles, then you definitely need to eat after exercise. Important: Many: You can view the carbohydrate window as an opportunity to treat yourself to a sweet tooth. It will pass without a trace if it is in moderation. Be sure to pay attention to serving size and food quality. Eating five slices of dark chocolate or a stuffed chocolate muffin is not the same thing.

Taking sports nutrition will significantly enrich your diet. BCAAs during exercise and whey protein with clean water after exercise will provide the muscles with the necessary protein with a minimum of calories.

What to eat if your primary goal is to lose weight?

This option is good for people whose main goal is to lose weight and burn as much fat as possible, regardless of the condition of the muscles. For weight loss, after training, it is recommended not to eat for 1 hour, only drink water. After 1 hour, eat a balanced meal of protein and carbohydrates. At the same time, carbohydrates should be useful, for example: brown rice, buckwheat, coarse pastamilling, cereals, bread, vegetables, etc. Protein - fish, chicken, egg whites.

Diet myths. Why is sport not enough to get in shape?

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After training, do not eat fat or drink caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee ...), because caffeine interferes with glycogen and interferes with muscle recovery.

understand your goal precisely and know how and when to train. Also, if you are focused on results, you cannot do without an adequate nutritional system.

All facts are borrowed from the book Proper nutrition for the training process from the author of the popular Internet project Crazy Drying Vasily Smolny.

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