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Diet guide: what is the Kremlin diet and what is it eaten with?

How to lose weight quickly? - almost every girl asks this question. There are so many different diets in the world that your head is spinning. Today we will talk about a popular diet called the Kremlin diet. Let's figure out what its essence is, what you can eat and what not, as well as find out who this diet is categorically not suitable for.

The essence of the diet

The Kremlin is one of the varieties of hyperprotein diets. This means that the food you will be consuming must be high in protein. In this case, a prerequisite is the restriction of carbohydrates entering the body. The bottom line is that it takes a lot of energy to digest protein. Due to the expenditure of this energy, weight loss occurs. And limiting carbohydrates, in turn, reduces the daily calorie intake in general.

Who is on Did you lose weight?

In general, this diet appeared when developing a diet for American astronauts. Later, the Kremlin diet became very popular among Russian officials, hence its name.

What can I eat?

You should eat foods that are high in protein and contain as little carbohydrates as possible, for example:

  • meat (beef, veal, pork, lamb, chicken, duck, liver);
  • fish and seafood;
  • some vegetables (fresh cucumber, spinach, sorrel, asparagus, celery, squash, tomato, pumpkin, green beans, cauliflower and cabbage);
  • dairy products without sugar;
  • fresh mushrooms;
  • tea and coffee without sweeteners.

What not to eat?

You should not eat products containing a lot of sugar and carbohydrates:

  • flour products;
  • cereals;
  • many fruits and vegetables (other than those mentioned above);
  • sweets.

What to combine with?

During the diet, it is recommended to drink multivitamin complexes to make up for the lack of certain elements. Also, we must not forget about an active lifestyle and sports. Diet alone is difficult to help yourself. To keep the body in good shape, you need to consume more energy than its consumption.

Potential Harms (Limitations)

Animal protein sources contain cholesterol, which can be harmful to the cardiovascular system. The Kremlin diet is contraindicated for people with diabetes, pregnant women and those who have heart disease, liver, kidney disease or metabolic disorders.

Remember that before you go on a particular diet, you need undergo a medical examinationnie. Only by taking into account your individual characteristics can you create the most effective nutrition plan.

Diet guide: what is the Kremlin diet and what is it eaten with?

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