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Didn't get enough sleep again? It's time to end this

Morning is the most important, but for most a hectic and unpleasant part of the day. Bestselling author of The Magic of Morning Hal Elrod explains in his book how by changing your attitude towards the morning, you can achieve everything you want and become an extraordinary person.

One of the main rules of a wonderful morning is not to delay your alarm. Each time, telling myself to sleep another 5 minutes, we postpone the process of becoming the person we want to become.
Didn't get enough sleep again? It's time to end this


Before you start the rituals

At the very beginning of awakening, it is enough to follow only five rules to increase your productivity level from the very moment of awakening.

  • Falling asleep, think only about how vigorous and productive you will be in the morning - scientists have confirmed that our last thought, with which we fall asleep, arises when we wake up. Therefore, every night before going to bed, you need to tune yourself in a positive way.
  • Set the alarm as far away from the bed as possible - it will make you get out of bed and you will have less desire to return to it.
  • Brush your teeth and wash yourself with cold water - doing these things automatically gives yourself time to wake up.
  • Drink a glass of water - the purpose of this action is to restore the water supply that you lost during the night. Lack of water in the body causes fatigue.
  • Put on your gym clothes - you should earn a morning shower by sweating well first.

All of these seemingly obvious rituals are capable of awakening your activity from level 1 to level 6-7 (on a 10-point scale). But how can we achieve cheerfulness on such a scale of level 10?

It is the first hour after waking up that determines our mood for the whole day. Hal Elrod has devised the Miracle Morning Tactics specifically to get out of the rush in the first hour after waking up and keep mind and body fully prepared for a productive day. According to Hal himself, the following six rituals are guaranteed to save you from a life of unrealized potential.

Ritual # 1. Silence - 5 minutes

Silence is one of the best tools for reducing stress and achieving clarity. Of course, just silence is a vague concept. During this time, you can meditate, reflect, pray, express gratitude, and practice deep breathing.

Ritual # 2. Affirmations - 5 minutes

Affirmations are positive statements that you form yourself to achieve your goals. The affirmation should be written and 100% reflect what you want. It is also better to write down why you want it, what kind of person you must become in order to achieve this, and also determine what needs to be done in order to get what you want. But the essence of the method is not to simply formulate your affirmations - they need to be re-read (preferably aloud) every day. Well, if you really like the affirmation, it shouldn't hurt to read it.striking. You can even climb onto the roof of the house and shout it!

Ritual # 3. Visualization - 5 minutes

Visualization is the formation of clear pictures and scenes of your future success in your head. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and draw in your imagination what you really want. Visualize the main goals, innermost desires, trying to draw as many details as possible. This practice will definitely program your subconscious mind for success!

Didn't get enough sleep again? It's time to end this


Ritual # 4. Reading - 15 minutes

Whatever you want to achieve in life, there are many books on how to get it. Reading 15-20 pages a day will not take much time, but during this time you will probably find an interesting or motivating thought for yourself that you can think about during the day.

Ritual # 5. Diary - 5 minutes

For many, daily diary is an inspiring and self-esteem activity, and therefore a favorite. At this time, you can formulate the main goals of the day on paper (psychologists recommend setting no more than three main tasks per day), re-read what has been written, assessing your progress, and also identify new ideas. The main thing is to decide what you will write about (this could be thanksgiving, food diary, checklists, dreams, ideas, etc.).

Didn't get enough sleep again? It's time to end this


Ritual # 6 Sports - 20 minutes

It's no secret that morning exercises significantly increase energy levels, allowing better focus and think more effectively. There are no rules here - put on your favorite music and start doing your favorite exercises. Only you need to do it regularly, otherwise why?

Didn't get enough sleep again? It's time to end this


Start changing yourself now - set up a 30-day Wonderful Morning Challenge and see how your life changes in a month!

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