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Didn't get enough sleep again: how to track the quality of your sleep?

More than once we have talked about quality and healthy sleep. There are a million basic tips, like staying up early or avoiding gadgets an hour before bed. But what if advice from the Web is not just put into practice, but also backed up with analytics? Even if you do not have time to visit a sleep doctor and undergo lengthy tests and examinations, you have a chance to study all phases of sleep from and to. Today we will introduce you to a unique sleep tracker RestOn.

An unusual approach: how does it work?

Its uniqueness lies in its design and capabilities: - First, this is not a tracker bracelet. RestOn is a flexible, soft tape equipped with sensors that you need to lie on! You simply spread the tape (80 cm) at chest level and go to bed. RestOn will do the rest for you.

What exactly? The value of the gadget is that it analyzes your sleep by a number of important parameters, including pulse, breathing, number of movements, and also for a number of external factors that can directly or indirectly affect sleep (temperature, humidity). As a result, the user not only sees how he sleeps, but also understands what exactly influenced the quality of sleep, excluding suspicions of health problems, or, on the contrary, paying close attention to them.

For example, you are a lot toss and turn? What if the breathing rate was increased? Why could this happen? Maybe you need to better ventilate the room or change your pillow? The new tracker will help you answer many of these questions. How? In the app!

Daily report

Every morning you can view a detailed report, which consists of several parts. First, you will see some basic columns. It contains information about your heart rate, respiratory rate with the indication of the upper and lower limits, as well as with a spread in the "corridors" during the night.

You will also receive an assessment of your sleep in points - ideally there should be 100 however, some points will be deducted each night. At the same time, each specific time you will receive individual comments on why you were deprived of points. But that's not all: the tracker will give a detailed report for each issue and advice on how this indicator can be improved in the future.

To summarize, we have a mini-encyclopedia of sleep quality, data from which are individually“ adjusted ”depending on the person's behavior at night!

What RestOn shows

  • Pulse
  • Respiratory rate
  • Sleep phases
  • Number of movements
  • Room temperature
  • Humidity

Based on these data, the tracker is able to detect real problems not only with the quality of sleep, but also with health! Is it so important?

Why is it so important to get enough sleep?

A combination of factors affects the quality of sleep. However, some symptoms, such as a feeling of drowsiness, distraction, mood swings, may indicate more serious problems that sometimes go unattended.

Sleep apnea - short-term stops in breathing, which, if repeated systematically, have a negative effect on the central nervous system. It is quite difficult to track this down, especially without outside help, and in complex and advanced cases, the problem is completely solved in an already operable way! RestOn monitors your breathing rate while you sleep and will help you capture these characteristics!

Also, the heart rate at rest in a healthy person should be lower, calmer than the pulse during the day. Rapid heartbeat should be the object of close attention!

Thus, the gadget will prompt you to consult with a specialist if the problem really appears. Or do something that many don't: pay attention to the real circumstances that affect sleep and start solving the problem.

In addition, the external environment - too low humidity or too high temperature in the room - will not be ignored: the tracker analyzes health, lifestyle, and external factors in order to consider the processes in maximum detail and in aggregate.

Who can benefit from it?

RestOn is a good analytics tool for anyone interested in knowing everything about their sleep. It will help establish a system of good rest at night with a comfortable bedtime and a gentle awakening.

Also, a gadget can be considered as a means of identifying health problems that affect the quality of sleep, and, as a consequence, the overall quality of life while awake.

The gadget can also be used by the relatives of those users who need additional control: it can be used as a heart rate monitor in real time. Moreover, its accuracy is quite high - it is comparable to mobile home ECG machines. The sensor is already available in Russia, and so far, in terms of its features, information content and usability, it can be safely called unique!

Issue price: 9900 rubles.

Where to buy? Here.

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