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Detox. They said to me: You will drink juice and lose weight. What is it really?

Sooner or later, any girl (and not only a girl) is faced with the question of emergency weight loss by a couple of kilograms. The reason may be a responsible event, a girlfriend's wedding, a birthday, or two fatal days before summer. Wanting to instantly transform and fit into that very dress, the beautiful half of humanity is capable of much. Therefore, the Internet is overflowing with various recipes, kefir diets and methods of intermittent fasting.

Considering that half of these diets were invented by fashionable fitness gurus from Instagram, I did not dare to try these methods on myself. But I decided to seek advice and try on myself a popular detox program developed by a leading nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences Margarita Koroleva . Of course, sitting for three days on juices and smoothies without food and extra snacks to chew on seemed like an asterisk puzzle to me. By the evening of the second day, I lost my heart a little and even had time to think: what if nothing works out, and I'm suffering here and I'm not eating anything ... But first things first.

Detox. They said to me: You will drink juice and lose weight. What is it really?

Introduction - how to properly prepare yourself and your body?

If you, inspired by my example, dare to try detox, then any call to SoloFood will start for you in consultation with your personal nutritionist. At first, it is very important to correctly identify your goals and understand what result you want to achieve, in addition to this, it is very important to balance your daily routine and drink the first detox drink immediately after waking up.

But it is equally important not only that how you will behave during the detox, but also how you prepare for it in advance. Here are some foods to cut out 1-2 days before starting the program:

  • Sugar. If you absolutely can't stop yourself from sweetening, use natural sweeteners - honey, stevia, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, maple syrup
  • Alcohol
  • Meat and semi-finished meat products
  • Cow's milk products
  • Coffee

And, of course, it will not be superfluous to prepare mentally. Set yourself up for the fact that the detox itself is a small step towards a big and important goal for you, or a fascinating experiment on yourself, or maybe a great opportunity to cleanse the body of excess toxins and toxins. Trust me, your attitude is extremely important. It is he who will help you not to break down at the moment when a colleague at the next table begins to soften a fragrant croissant with a cup of latte.

Detox. They said to me: You will drink juice and lose weight. What is it really?

Theory. How was I convinced that I would lose weight and due to what?

One of the most important questions that tormented me all the way: how will the excess weight go? The consultant was able to answer this and several other questions during the ordering process. I am sharing the answers with you.

  • How does the cleansing occur? The fraction and frequency of nutrition perfectly stimulates the peristalsis of the quichechnik, due to which there is an improvement in all metabolic processes, including the processes of removing harmful substances from our body. In addition, increased peristalsis does not allow toxins that come along with some harmful products to linger. A deeper cleaning is carried out by active substances that are present in detox drinks.
  • How many pounds can I lose? The weight loss figure is always individual. It depends on the amount of the initial body weight, on the amount of excess fluid, the degree of activity and the number of muscle cells, hormonal characteristics. Typically, the average weight loss per week is in the range of 4-6%.
  • What will help enhance the effect of the detox program? Healthy sleep, drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of clean water per day, proper preparation and proper smooth exit from the cleansing diet.
Detox. They said to me: You will drink juice and lose weight. What is it really?
  • How does the declared cold-pressed juice differ from ordinary fresh juice? Thanks to the cold-pressed juice, the juices contain 80% more nutrients. Since the ingredients are not crushed, but squeezed without contact with oxygen or heat.

After the main questions were voiced, and the answers were received, I began to prepare. The most difficult thing was to exclude coffee from the diet, but I am sure that this most difficult product will be different for everyone.

Practice. 3 days without food

The X-hour has come, and now they finally brought me a magic suitcase with detox drinks. I immediately looked through the menu to make sure that the program included not only sweet smoothies. For me, this moment was psychologically important, because the more varied the palette of tastes, the less hunger I feel and the faster saturation comes. By the way, both smoothies and juices turned out to be very unusual, some of them were even more like soup in consistency, others were difficult to attribute to sweet or salty, because it was something on the verge.

More I will share the most important insights I have received during these days.

  • Day one. As soon as the treasured suitcase is in your hands, you are filled with determination. I would like to try everything right away. During the day, my fuse subsided a couple of times, because I did not have time to drink juice or smoothies at the desired interval and had to fight against the feeling of hunger that rolled over me.
Important: remember that if you drink all the bottles (they are signed) at the right time, then the feeling of hunger will not have time to overtake you and the detoxification process will proceed more naturally and pleasantly.
  • Second day (morning). The morning of this day began with the next delivery of juices and smoothies at the time agreed in advance with the courier. I must say that by the morning of the second day it was much easier to wake up than usual. I don’t know what exactly this was connected with: waiting for a courier or the fact that the body had already begun to slowly get rid of the harmful and unnecessary from the inside.
  • Second day (evening). By the evening of the second day, I almost snapped and ate a cookie. The mirror saved me from a fatal mistake. Before going to the kitchen, I went into the bath and looked at my face. My skin, prone to permanent breakouts, looked much healthier, and small pimples were completely faded.
  • Day Three. One of the most difficult stages in detox is the home stretch. After all, it is so easy to break off at the very end and eat off the pounds lost with difficulty. My advice: wake up and go straight to the scale. The progress you get by the second day of the detox will greatly motivate you to keep moving forward.

If you understand that you will not survive three days without food, but you want to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, then you can consider the option of a program of live cuisine . where smoothies and juices go well with light snacks and salads.

Detox. They said to me: You will drink juice and lose weight. What is it really?

Photo: SoloFood

Personal top: what's inside? The most popular ingredients and their meaning

  • Citrus fruits - contain a rich multivitamin composition and are among the leaders in the content of vitamin C. They have enough fiber to actively start digestion.
  • Celery is often used in detox programs due to its content of vitamins A, E, K and B group, as well as a large amount of trace elements. Contains a large amount of antioxidants that enhance the body's natural cleaning functions, as well as certain substances that have a positive effect on blood viscosity.
  • Green apple , which contains a large amount of pectin substances, which, being in the intestines, perfectly draw out harmful toxins from the body.

Results: you will not be told about this on the pages with Reviews

It wasn't easy at first, but the result was worth it. And this is not a rave review for the sake of a review. As the most unsystematic person in terms of nutrition, I managed to discipline myself at least partially and learn to eat by the hour. Yes, for a start it was juices and smoothies, but I am sure that I will be able to repeat a similar trick with regular meals, such as lunch, for which there is always no time.

In the meantime, I will not torment you and will let you know that the scales showed minus 2.5 kg. So I'm quite happy with the result. Of course, it is worth noting that it was not fat that went away, but excess water, toxins and toxins that had accumulated in the body. Therefore, if at the end of the detox you return to a messy diet and systematic jams in fast food, do not be surprised that the result was short-lived.

I plan to open a new chapter in my relationship with food and heal myself from the now fashionable an eating disorder diagnosis. And the motivation and ease given to me after a total cleansing of the body will be an excellent foundation for changing my habits.

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