Depth Perception - Official Trailer [4K]

Depth Perception: the whole essence of snowboarding in one movie

In the midst of winter, the boundless mountains of British Columbia provide the world with some of the best skiing spots, with amazing new wildlife discovering around every turn. Quiksilver proudly presents Depth Perception - the new brainchild of renowned rider Travis Rice, in which, in addition to the maestro himself, you can see the incredible skating of his teammates, Brian Fox, Austin Sweetin and the team's snowboarders Roxy Robin Van Jin.

Filmed in a stunning natural area considered the world's most remote rainforest, Depth Perception goes back to the roots of snowboarding and shows the connection between nature and riders. This film will take you into a mysterious tale and show the best backcountry skiing that can be found on planet Earth.

Quiksilver invites you to the Russian premiere of a new snowboarding film - Depth Perception. Travis Rice himself and all the main characters of the film will specially fly to Moscow and give the opening remarks at the screening, which will take place on October 25 at the Dom Kino cinema.

Depth Perception resembles Wes Anderson's films in style and is unlike any other snowboard projects. He goes deep into the essence of snowboarding and is ahead of his time. We will see what led Travis, Austin, Robin and Brian to who they are now, and we will learn how the cosmic nature of British Columbia appeared and developed over the centuries.

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Quiksilver Presents Depth Perception - Official Trailer 2 [HD]

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