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Debriefing of the flight. Getting ready for the summer season

The time for vacations will come very soon, and if you can't surprise anyone with a beautiful body on the beach, then jumping into the water is a great way to be in the spotlight. Our tips will be useful both for beginners and even for those who have already bravely jumped from a pier to the sea.

- How to properly prepare for the jump? What exercises do you need to include in your warm-up?

- The warm-up of the divers is like any other acrobatic sport: you need to stretch everything from the neck to the toes. The fact is that when pushing off or when entering the water, there can be a sharp amplitude movement of any part of the body, so an easy jog is not enough. You need twines, bridges, folds, and swinging movements with your elbows.

- What should you consider when jumping into the water in an unfamiliar place?

- First of all, you need to check the bottom. Is always. You need to make sure not only that with depth, but also that there are no foreign objects or scuba divers. And in a place that is not intended for jumping into the water, it is better not to jump at all, and if you dive, then provide for the presence of those nearby who will pull you out if something goes wrong. And a trivial advice: don't be too confident in yourself.

- How to overcome your fear of jumping?

- It's simple. Start at a low height. If you climbed higher and you were enveloped in a chilling fear, then go down lower, and everything will be fine! In no case should you close your eyes and jump from a series of whatever happens, approach the process gradually.

- Obviously, jumping like a soldier is the easiest way. How not to embarrass yourself on the beach if everyone around you is jumping with a fish, and you are doing the simplest jump?

- The first rule, how not to embarrass yourself: do not do what you are not sure of. It must be remembered that behind the seeming simplicity of jumping into the water is hidden a lot of subtleties, ranging from the fact that the entrance to the stomach or back has pain, ending with the fact that when pushing off there is a chance to slip and crash on the floor. The most reasonable thing is to attend a workout before the start of the beach season and learn how to do everything right in a couple of classes.

- Can you learn how to do difficult jumps on your own?

- Can but dangerous. I personally know several self-taught daredevils from Europe who have learned how to perform triple and even quadruple turns from 20-25 meters. But these are really exceptions. Behind one such reckless driver who has learned something, there are 99 who have something went wrong.

- Is it possible to lose weight by jumping into the water?

- Of course, you just need to eat less between jumps! But seriously, the acrobatic training required for jumping into the water requires a lot of exercises in the gym, so people quickly get in good shape with regular training.

- Are there any contraindications for diving?

- Some chronic diseases associated with the ears can be classified as specific. There is nothingit cannot be helped, such people also have problems with the bath, and water parks, etc. The rest of the contraindications are the same as in other sports.

By the way, according to the IOC statistics, diving is one of the safest types sports, on a par with synchronized swimming practically. Severe injuries are extremely rare, unlike hockey or javelin throwing.

People are engaged in diving up to 100 years old, this is not a joke.

- What are the typical mistakes you can make when jumping and what are they fraught with?

- The most unpleasant thing can be a hit on the fulcrum. Especially often at sea in people this happens when trying to demonstrate a backflip while drunk: the head is thrown back even before pushing off, after which, instead of jumping in the opposite direction, it moves straight up (even slightly forward) and landing on the edge of the side with a blow with different limbs is ensured ... With systematic preparation, thorough warm-up and a healthy diet, the chances of getting something serious are close to zero, even from 10 meters. Although, of course, you need to be able to overcome yourself in order to jump from a great height for the first time.

- Is it easier for a guy with good physical training to make a perfect jump than a fragile girl?

- Of course. But in diving, the main thing is psychology, and therefore, if a girl is psychologically stronger, then progress will be much faster. This is still a technical discipline related to overcoming, so in terms of progress, the girls are doing even better. They are either more desperate or bolder. I can’t figure it out.

The most important thing in diving is to understand that no thrill or attention of people is worth health. You need to have basic training and, of course, be morale. With the right combination of all factors, you will receive a portion of adrenaline and will be able to surprise everyone. So feel free to get out of the gym and go to the pool to workout!

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