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Dean Karnazes: if one day I wake up and can't run, it will be the end

Dean Karnazes became known to the world as an unsurpassed super marathon runner. The distances that the American overcomes are amazing. And the goals that he sets for himself from year to year only raise a question in the minds of millions of people: how can a person be able to do this?

Indeed, Dean Karnazes, at first glance, is an ordinary person, family man, owner of his own healthy food company. But in the world of running, he is an inexplicable phenomenon, whose victories can impress even the most inveterate skeptic and charge him with motivation. So who is Dean Karnazes and how did his amazing story begin?

Irreparable loss and struggle with himself

The path of an athlete to conquer the ultramarathon distance began with overcoming himself and, besides , pain from irreparable loss. When Dean was 21 years old, he lost his own sister: Peri died in a car accident on her birthday, while still very young, 18-year-old girl. In one of his interviews, Karnazes admitted that after that he fell into a deep depression, denied reality and was endlessly angry with the whole world. Until one day.

The day that changed everything

Nine years after the tragedy, Dean Karnazes left the bar after celebrating his 30th birthday. At that time, he was still far from big sport, although in his school years he already discovered in himself a love of running. Then he suddenly spontaneously decided to run 30 miles in honor of the anniversary. As the athlete himself later recalled: This day completely changed the direction of my life.

Sleepless record

In 2005, Dean Karnazes covered 560 kilometers in 80 hours and 44 minutes. Moreover, he ran the distance without taking any time to sleep and stopping only to change another worn out pair of sneakers. No one could explain what had happened. Just imagine: the third sleepless night, more than four hundred kilometers behind, the urge to sleep on the move, hallucinations, screaming from muscle pain - Dean Karnazes did not stop and even found a second wind.

The most intense fear

Now Dean Karnazes is 55 years old, and he believes that such a figure is not at all an obstacle to what he really loves. The athlete is not going to stop, although he understands that one day the moment will come when he will no longer be able to overcome long distances so quickly and will recover much more slowly.
You know, it doesn't bother me much. I'm more afraid that someday I will stop practicing, - shared Dean. The worst end for him is the one that means the athlete will no longer be able to run.

Motivation is in freedom

The most attractive thing in running that motivates Dina Karnazesa - an incredible sense of freedom. The athlete says that everything that many of us consider material comfort oppresses him, and he finds real freedom and pleasure only when alone with nature. Dean sincerely believes that this feeling is attainable for absolutely every person and most often lies in the simplest things.

Dean Karnazes's career in numbers

- Throughout his running career, Dean Karnazes ran about 100 thousand miles, which in kilometers exceeds the mark of 160 thousand.

- His book Human Ultramarathon was sold out with tremendous success - more than 250 thousand copies.

- For more than 20 years, he conquered all seven continents.

- Dean Karnazes once ran 50 consecutive marathons in 50 days in 50 US states.

- In the western states, the athlete covered 100 miles (160 km) 12 times per day. However, his record is 221 kilometers in 24 hours.

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