Dasha Brygina: your body is made for movement

All of today we will talk about girls who were able to achieve great heights in sports. Especially for our series of interviews on the eve of March 8, we met with a wonderful motivator and charming girl, Nike + Training Club coach Dasha Brygina , who told how to start playing sports, understand that you definitely need it, and stay motivated.

Dasha Brygina: your body is made for movement

Photo: Nike

The beginning of the sporting path

- When did your acquaintance with sports begin?
- My first conscious sports choice happened when I was 11 years old - I went to the sports section of judo. This was my first step towards sports. From that moment on, sport has always accompanied my life. When I entered the university, in physical education there was an opportunity to go to the gym, which I did.

- What else can bring a person to sports?
- If we talk about an adult, then the environment, including information, can lead him to a training session. Now in all resources one way or another the topic of sports is slipping. At some point, a person himself may begin to ask himself: since everyone is doing it, maybe I need to?

- Why Nike?
- In my opinion, this is the best sports brand that works with both professional athletes and non-professionals. Nike has this phrase: If you have a body, you are an athlete - if you are a human being, then you are already an athlete, because your body is made for movement. This is the setting that one hundred percent coincides with my inner feelings, so this brand or another was not even worth choosing.

Dasha Brygina: your body is made for movement

Photo : Nike

How to start doing sports?

- How to start playing sports in the gym?
- If you want to do sports but don't know where to start, it's best to go to a good personal trainer. He will tell you what is happening with your body at the moment and give recommendations. Then you can go to practice personally, to group training, and so on. But if this is not possible, I advise you to go to us. All trainers who work for Nike Training Club are professionals. We have different directions: strength, endurance, mobility and others.

The best thing is to go to the trainer before training and say that you have come to the class for the first time. They will be able to advise you and advise you on what to do next.
Dasha Brygina: your body is made for movement

Photo: Nike

- What is the best motivation for you to go in for sports?
- The most important motivation is the realization that after the effort you make on yourself, you will have a feeling of satisfaction that you did it. Any sports activity brings satisfaction. If you have been playing sports for a long time, then you understandYou think the feeling after exercise is much better than when you are in a soft bed. But if you've never tried sports, the motivation may be different - a new beautiful sports uniform or the fact that you agreed to go to train with a friend.

- The first workout is usually not easy. How not to despair after the first time and continue practicing?
- In my experience, the first training session is not very difficult, because you are in a state of euphoria. The difficult thing is that on the second or third day after training your muscles will be very sore, and it is not easy to decide on a second training session after such sensations. When you go to your first workout, you don't have to try to squeeze the most out of yourself, as most people do - it will not do any good. It is better to read the description of the workout and find out if it is suitable for beginners. Then go up to the coach and tell him that you are here for the first time, he will pay special attention to you.

Life in sport

- What is the most effective training format?
- The most effective in terms of developing your body, of course, is the personal training format, because the trainer adjusts all exercises to the characteristics of your body. But I love group workouts - they are most effective in terms of motivation and energy. When a lot of people are working around you, you start working on the same wavelength with them. The realization that you are not alone helps in any area of ​​life.

- Do I need to limit myself in nutrition?
- I believe that any restrictions and frameworks, in which you drive yourself to, only interfere. Another thing is when you play sports regularly - in this case, you simply do not want to eat junk food, because it does not give strength for training. You need not limit yourself in everything, but offer yourself additional rules by which you will play. For example, do not remove something from your diet, but add (for example, add 300 grams of vegetables to your daily diet). These rules work much better than negative attitudes.

- On the morning of January 1, you went for a run. How to learn to decide on such extraordinary things?
- You need to look for unobvious bonuses from such things. There are always a lot of them. For example, on January 1, there are no people and besides the streets are closed, so you can run where you have never run. But for me this was not something incredible, because when you have a certain mode, it is easier to decide on such things.

Dasha Brygina: your body is made for movement

Photo: Nike

Intrinsic Motivation

- What is your main goal for 2018?
- I used to set goals for myself for a year, but did not get satisfaction from it. My ohthe main goal is, in spite of everything, to enjoy every day and try to do something useful for yourself and for other people. Then I can check the box at the end of the year.

- What inner qualities did sport develop in you?
- I am very grateful to my work for the fact that it has brought up in me a real skill not give up and not stop no matter what. All people start, but it is difficult not to start, but to continue without stopping for a week, month, year, and so on. Working in the field of sports taught me that you will always achieve results if you do your job to the end and without any pauses.

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