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Dangerous fitness. Exercises from the net that kill us and don't make us stronger

Many people reasonably believe that fitness and training with one leg are already somewhere online. That very soon the good old lessons will be replaced by webinars and Skype training. However, it is completely wrong to believe that even the best YouTube video can replace your personal communication with a professional. At the start of any experiment and challenge in your life, you definitely need to get an expert assessment from a reliable coach. This will help you achieve the perfect technique for performing the exercise and will lead you to your goal much faster. One cool autumn evening, we met with an expert of the federal chain of fitness clubs X-Fit Anton Shapochka in order to flip through our Instagram feed and understand whether inspiring videos from the pages of fitness girls and fitness models can become a real guide to action or it's not yet time to put your gym membership on the back shelf.

Workout on the couch

Anton Shapochka, expert of the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit: “With the first swings of our legs we kill our back. In the literal sense of the word. The girl, I suppose, wanted to work on her buttocks, but in fact she will receive a strong overload of the lumbar region. This is the place where everyone usually hurts. The second exercise in the video looks like "hello from the 80s." Shaping. In an ideal world, I would like the gluteus medius muscle to work, but in this version another muscle works, due to which pains in the back and knees appear.

And the final. Exercise on the oblique abdominal muscles. Of all the three, this is perhaps the “most adequate” exercise, but again this exercise will not make your waist smaller or remove extra inches around problem areas. ”

Skateboarding exercise

“ There are a lot of technical flaws here. And I'm not talking about sports performance, but about health. In the exercises, there is a lot of emphasis on the hands, while the shoulder blades "stick out", which means that they are not stable, thus overloading the cervical region, shoulder and elbow joints. As a result: in the future, strong pain in these regions with constant training. '

Conclusion: in general, from such a set of exercises, you can create some kind of training, the main thing is to follow the technique.

Exercise with an elastic band

“Body - slim is a big plus (smiles). The disadvantages, as usual, are in the technique, because it simply does not exist. Look at the bulging muscles in the thigh from the front and from the side - this is our favorite muscle from the first video - TENSIONER WIDE FASCIA HIP and the front thigh itself. They, although they shouldn't, are again in active work. With a correctly performed exercise, the gluteus medius muscle should turn on and then it would be a good complex for timesminks or GPP while jogging. '

Jumping up the stairs

“Well, this is generally awful. From such unfortunate training, I will always have a lot of work, in the last five years I have been actively involved in the recovery of people. The exercise is good, but few people do it right. And performing the exercise, as in the video, will definitely lead to injuries: from “oh, my back and knee hurt!” until “help, I can't straighten up and shoots in the leg”. And also, as the author of the post wrote, “ears” are not a muscle - they are a consequence of weakness and dysfunction of the gluteus maximus muscle. '

Conclusion: In general, if performed correctly, then such an exercise can be added to workouts. But why the stairs, I don't understand. Immediately I want to add music from the Super Mario game.

Gymnasts on the horizontal bar

“Pure fan. Cool girls. Excellent gymnasts! The purpose of the exercise is fun. If someone succeeds, then write it down and post it on the network. I won't even talk about the meaning, because it doesn't exist. ”

TRX: bodyweight exercises

“ Great exercise, terrible execution. Who is it for? It is suitable for a very prepared person, one who knows such concepts as: stabilizers of the lower back and pelvis, extension in the hip joint, rotation control through syncretic inclusion of oblique systems or slings. If the words are wild to you, then most likely you will do the exercise wrong, just like in the video. In the video, we see a complete lack of lumbar control, we see how the lumbar region is actively moving, look at the shirt. This means that the buttock is not working and the back is dying (see the first description with the girl on the couch). ”

Conclusion: in an ideal world this is an excellent exercise for the abdominal muscles and buttocks.

Keeping balance

“ The meaning of this exercise is to get to a traumatologist as soon as possible? Then the author of the video chose the ideal activity. I can only understand it if the girl plays rugby or American football, or is trying to get followers to her account. ”


“ In fact, the exercises performed on the horizontal bar work out the entire upper body very cool. For fun, the girl did it on the fretboard. But if you do the same on the horizontal bar, it will be a great workout for your abs. It's very cool! Indeed, in fact, the whole body works in such exercises. Hands and back are included and, as I said, the press. Just watch the tech! ”

Flip the tire

“ I watched all the videos and Iit became funny and sorry for the author. After such clowns, the understanding of functional training comes down to the fact that you need to do something, and most importantly, you need to do everything. Flipping a tire is a great exercise. In an ideal world, the whole body works: the buttocks, back of the thighs, core muscles, back extensors, arms, latissimus dorsi, chest and shoulder muscles. In this variant, it is a dangerous performance, the guys have a round lower back, the jerk occurs at the expense of the lumbar spine, and there are many other important details. And then the dear ... what, why and why? You need to look at this. '

Conclusion: the question is not in the number and volume of exercises, complexity, coordination, but in how well this or that movement is performed! What triggers the movement? A good trainer understands all these mechanisms, knows how to fix and change them, and does not just give a standard workout, adding volume.

Your body needs smart fitness

“Friends, let's return to fashion culture movement. Find a good trainer who will not sell you exclusively workouts and "booty", but will teach the body to move, point out what you need to work with. With the right approach, over time, you can do everything yourself.

Beautiful and toned body. And it is not at all necessary to exhaust and punish yourself with fitness, it should bring pleasure. All the culture and joys of movement! ”

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