The Disappointing Truth About Victoria's Secret Models

Dangerous beauty. How Victoria's Secret angels starved themselves for a super show

The Victoria's Secret fashion show is a real show, in the center of which are brilliant girls, parading along the catwalk in chic underwear. Tall and thin models, called angels, go through a strict selection process and have to observe strict discipline in order not to be overboard.

Dangerous beauty. How Victoria's Secret angels starved themselves for a super show

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At the same time, the supermodel doesn't starve herself to look great at 50.

Adriana Lima's Liquid Diet

Adriana Lima was an angel longer than other models - she participated in Victoria's Secret shows for 19 years! In 2012, the girl revealed the secrets of preparing for the super show, which amazed and outraged the public.

In normal times, Lima does not go on diets, eats often and little by little, goes in for sports. Her diet contains a lot of vegetables and fruits, eggs, dairy products, meat and fish, and there is absolutely no flour, fast food and semi-finished products. Lima has a sweet tooth, but tries to eat more honey and eat less chocolate. However, before showing her underwear, the supermodel went on a diet that could not be called extreme otherwise.

Nine days before the show, Lima stopped eating solid foods and switched to protein shakes, and increased the number of workouts to two per day and drank 3.5 liters of water per day. Two days before the show, she reduced the amount of liquid, and 12 hours before the show, she stopped drinking altogether.

I would not recommend such a diet to anyone, you can get the same results in other ways. I can't say that such a diet will affect her health in the long term, but at this time she is unlikely to receive all the necessary nutrients. I think she's not feeling well these days. Adriana could eat something and still perform just as well on the podium, says nutritionist Mike Russell.

Dangerous beauty. How Victoria's Secret angels starved themselves for a super show

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Hard work or self-mockery? h4>

Angels are associated with hard work, exhausting workouts and diets. Victoria's Secret has been criticized more than once for being overly strict in terms of weight and body fat. To fulfill these requirements by force not many models, let alone ordinary girls. They never take models with shapes, it has already set the teeth on edge. This whole situation with exhausting pre-screening fees is outrageous! I have friends who passed this selection. They had to go to extremes just to get on the show, but they weren't able to live this way on a permanent basis because they could die, - admits the model Robin Lawley , which at one time did not pass the casting in Victoria's Secret.

The company tried to justify itself by the fact that girls voluntarily choose such a life. I remember how one model asked me why she didn't make it to the show this year, to which I answered her: I watch your Instagram and see how you hang out in clubs every night. And Adriana Lima at this time jumps with a rope for three hours in a row. Our girls are becoming more and more physically developed. We don't force them to do this, they compete with each other, ”explained Victoria's Secret Marketing Director Ed Razek.

However, Razek seems to be cunning. For example, ex-angel Erin Heatherton admitted that the company forced her to lose weight. She followed a strict diet and trained like a damn until she realized that her body could not stand it. I was depressed because I worked hard, but my body resisted it. I remember one day I came home after a workout, stared at my dinner and thought, “Maybe I’d better not eat at all,” she said. After finishing her last show in 2013, the girl left Victoria's Secret.

Another former model Bridget Malcolm brought herself to anorexia. Once she was proud that she was engaged around the clock and consumes no more than 800 kcal per day, but this led to digestive problems, hair loss and mental disorders. She is now undergoing treatment and is trying to return to a healthy lifestyle. I used to think it's okay to only eat protein shakes and vegetables, but that's not okay. I regret that I advised such a diet in my interviews, ”Bridget admits.

Dangerous beauty. How Victoria's Secret angels starved themselves for a super show

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Don't starve yourself!

Interestingly, Victoria's Secret is going through hard times. The TV broadcast of the famous show, around which there was a huge excitement several years ago, had to be canceled because it ceased to be profitable. Common sense prevailed, and the public voted with their money against the imposed beauty standards.

The company's views on the parameters of models have long been outdated - anorexia is no longer in vogue, and more and more designers are creating, inspired by real female figures, and not imposed stereotypes ... Now it is not accepted to be ashamed of excess weight and cellulite, and Victoria's Secret began to give way to companies that create beautiful and comfortable lingerie for both skinny women and girls in the body.

Once upon a time, angels seemed to be the embodiment of the ideal, but it's scary to think about the price they had to pay for universal adoration. Let the models shine on the catwalk and seem like a real owlhiding behind the scenes torment and suffering that not everyone survived without consequences.

The sad experience of former Victoria's Secret models shows that you shouldn't starve yourself for an unattainable ideal. Moreover, the ideal appearance is a subjective concept. After all, beauty is not in a thin waist or long legs, but in a perky gleam of eyes and a joyful smile. And health is much more important than standards imposed by someone.

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