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Daily training on the horizontal bars led to the world title. The story of Andrea Laros

This young man's name is Andrea Larosa. He is originally from Italy, he is only 23 years old, but already at such a young age the guy is a professional calisthenics athlete, world champion in this discipline and a fitness trainer.

The Italian started to practice calisthenics in July 2013. As the athlete himself said, the gym where he was engaged in kickboxing was closed, so Larosa decided to continue training on his own in order to stay in shape. He did not have any simulators at home, so he went to train on the nearest horizontal bars in the park. Over time, Andrea became so interested in this sport that he continues to practice it to this day. Since 2015, he has managed to become the champion of national and international competitions, and in 2018 - the world champion.

In 2019, Andrea decided not to participate in the competition anymore. I just want to enjoy my workouts. I really think the biggest competition is always with myself. So I decided to take a break for a while. What will I do? My mission is to keep exercising and motivate as many people as possible to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Daily training on the horizontal bars led to the world title. The story of Andrea Laros

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The world's best planner

Andrea Larosa trains 4-5 times a week. If you need to master a new exercise or hone some technique, then the Italian adds another training day. Moreover, from this moment on, trainings are already held twice a day.

To the question: What is your favorite exercise ?, Andrea answers with a smile: I love all exercises. Maybe he loves everything, but the plan (horizon) is considered to be truly crown. It was this exercise that Larosa trained for a whole year, and then performed with him in all kinds of competitions. In the performance of this element, the athlete achieved high results and rightfully bears the title of king of the plate.

And Andrea performs the tablet in different forms: on one hand, on the hands, on the fingers and on the fists. It looks mesmerizing:

By the way, the world champion shares some simple exercises for learning this element:

Tips for beginners from Andrea

  • Learn to enjoy your workout.
  • Master basic exercises, including pull-ups and push-ups. It is important not to overdo it, everything must be done in moderation.
  • Be patient.

Does Andrea use supplements in her diet? Yes.

Like mostabout athletes, Larosa received various injuries. In 2017, an Italian seriously injured his shoulder. Rumor has it that it is this injury that worries the world champion today.

Daily training on the horizontal bars led to the world title. The story of Andrea Laros

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Internet recognition and lightning popularity

Andrea Larosa is not very much sought to assert himself. But it so happened that he became a celebrity. The athlete simply shared workouts and tips on social networks, and on the Internet they immediately started talking about him, distributing videos and voila - today he is one of the most famous people in the workout. Laros's Instagram profile has 403 thousand subscribers, and his YouTube channel has almost 230 thousand.

As soon as Larosa became popular, many subscribers expressed a desire to practice according to the athlete's author's method. For this, the Italian created his own website, where he sells various training programs. The cost of services varies from 30 to 120 euros.

But Larosa wants to go further. Perhaps an autobiographical book is worth waiting for.

Andrea is doing well without competition. The Italian continues to train and post exercises on social networks. But I would still like to see the athlete in a competitive mode. Laros's subscribers have missed the crown and gold medals.

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