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Curvy girls: what is body positive and how to live with it

Body positivity fans are taking over the Internet. And while many are perplexed on the topic of how it was possible to launch yourself like this? Others desperately defend in the comments the idea that if you do not like the forms of body-positive models, then the problems in your head are in your head, and not in the girls who love their bodies so much that they see no point in playing sports and exhausting themselves with painful hunger strikes.

The September issue of Cosmopolitan caused a storm of public emotion. For the first time in history, the model Tess Holiday appeared on the cover of a glossy magazine, promoting body positivity. For my part, I can note the fact that it is good that the issue was not released on the eve of summer and the pages of the publication are not full of recipes for diets and detox programs. Otherwise, the phyto-babies would have a brain rupture.

What is bodypositive and where did it come from?

Bodypositive is the brightest and at the same time the most controversial trend in the sports and beauty industry in recent years. Its main idea is that you need to love yourself in your body. After all, this is more important than being beautiful but unhappy. And in general, that everything that is natural is not ugly. Bodypositive adherents are convinced that you should not be afraid to expose yourself and your imperfections for show. Big breasts? Get the closest angle. Stretch marks on your legs? Wrap yourself up in tight minis and take pictures for social networks.

Love yourself any

At the same time, one of the goals of the movement sounds, in general, adequate: to form in society a loyal attitude towards those who do not fall under the standards imposed by society, and thus protect them from unjustified harassment.

Problems in your head: don't do this

Wording about what if you don't If you like the body of a body-positive model, then the problems in your head have spread all over the world. After all, these girls do not comfort themselves with the purchase of an unnecessary fitness membership, do not suffer from an extra piece of cake eaten and do not worry about getting better in the photo than in life. What about you?

The press will not be pumped with the power of thought

Of course, this all sounds extremely idealistic. And in general, the movement itself does not deny self-care. The curvy girls wear beautiful dresses, paint themselves and happily pose for numerous photo sessions. They do not care at all that the abs are not pumped up with the power of thought, because they do not care at all about one big circle in the abdomen instead of 6 powerful cubes.

Who to look at?

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  • @darth_bador
  • @scarrednotscared
  • @daniebb3

So what is body positive: an escape from your own complexes or incredible fortitude in accepting yourself as you are? fitness. What do you think?

Curvy girls: what is body positive and how to live with it

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Curvy girls: what is body positive and how to live with it

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Curvy girls: what is body positive and how to live with it

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