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Crossfit as a way of life: the specifics of a popular healthy lifestyle trend. Personal experience

CrossFit is becoming more and more popular in Russia, and competitions in this area are gathering an impressive audience. From 17 to 19 August, Moscow will host the largest fitness championship, the Big Cup - 2018, organized with the support of Reebok. About 240 athletes from Russia and the CIS countries will fight for the title of the strongest.

On the eve of the Big Cup, we talked with brothers Pavel and Timofei Prolubnikov - crossfit athletes who will take part in the grand competition ... They shared their experience and told what motivates them, what are the specifics of the competitive program, at what age you can start doing CrossFit, and whether you can do it outdoors instead of in a specialized gym.

Crossfit as a way of life: the specifics of a popular healthy lifestyle trend. Personal experience

Photo: From personal archive of athletes

- When you first started doing CrossFit, what was your greatest motivation?

Pavel: Video from Crossfit Games and Regionals 2011-2013.

Timofey: We were impressed by gymnastic and strength indicators athletes. Impressed by the Reebok CrossFit Games. When we started practicing, we began to grow very quickly both in strength indicators and in other skills. I loved learning to walk on my hands. It started to work out well right away. It was very gratifying. For a long time exits on the rings were not given. But as soon as I made the first exit, there was a great desire to develop further.

- What do you think people come to CrossFit for? Lose weight, pump up, or maybe for some special atmosphere?

Pavel: We think that behind all this combined.

Timofey: It seems to me that each person has their own reason why they start doing CrossFit. For some it is really important to lose weight, someone wants to be like the pumped-up athletes from the CrossFit Games or just a friend who competes in local competitions. And everyone, one way or another, gets into the atmosphere of the community.

- At what age can you start doing CrossFit? Are there any specific restrictions or, in general, even a child can start?

Pavel: This is the age at which physical education is introduced at school, probably at this point it is possible come to crossfit. After all, right there, as in school, there is a horizontal bar, a rope. You can do squats, push-ups, throw a light medicine ball into a wall. You can run and jump. We see no restrictions on how to put a child on a rowing machine or bike. And barbells or kettlebells - this is in process of development, here the coach should look specifically for each child.

Timofey: It's difficult for me to answer this question. I can say that from early childhood I would not have given my child to CrossFit. At the very beginning, it is important to lay the foundation for the child. This is swimming, athletics, gymnastics. Maybe even some kind of struggle if the child gets trampled. Then, I think, from the age of 12, or rather, from 14-15, you can start working with the barbell. It's better hereask experts. By the age of 16, I think, the child's body is quite ready for full competitive activity. Although at the moment I am even afraid to imagine how old parents are sending their children to CrossFit, because now it is very popular. Especially in the USA.

- Do you have any illustrative examples when children started doing CrossFit?

Timofey : I have no clear examples of children who started doing CrossFit at an early age. My nephews are only swimming at 8 and 10 years old.

- What should be in a good CrossFit gym? What is the minimum and maximum set of content?

Pavel: We think that the minimum set should be:

  • enough space for a group of ten to practice freely. It's hard to say in footage;
  • set of barbells with pancakes;
  • horizontal bars (frame);
  • rope;
  • rings;
  • rowing machines;
  • weights;
  • medicine balls (volballs);
  • PVC warm-up tubes;
  • elastic bands for stretching;
  • at least a couple of rollers for rolling out muscles;
  • shower.

Maximum set:
All the equipment specified above, but in sufficient quantity, that is, from 30 free bars, a huge number of pancakes of various weights, a wide range of weights and dumbbells, medicine balls, several ropes, gymnastic rings, at least 5 rowing machines, Assault bikes, Ski skis. Several True Form jogging tracks are desirable. The most important thing is a large space, high ceilings and good ventilation. Also, in the maximum set, you can include a separate zone, albeit small, with a rocking chair. And a sauna! Perhaps a cafe.

Timofei: The minimum set of equipment for the hall, in my opinion: a frame for 6 people, stuffed balls, a couple of rowing machines, rings for strength exercises, rings for push-ups, 5-7 bars (better than 10), pancakes, the simplest set of weights and dumbbells, skipping ropes are optional, but desirable, a roller for rolling, ebmata, pieces 5-7. The maximum set will be complemented by assaul bikes 1-3 pieces, a pegboard, sledges, skis, 50-70 kg stuffed bags, heavy dumbbells, a treadmill. The maximum set of equipment I count for performing athletes, of course.

- How much does CrossFit, in principle, make fitness and healthy lifestyles more accessible for people? Is a CrossFit gym membership expensive?

Pavel: You know, fitness and healthy lifestyle are always available for people. Everyday. You can always go outside and run. Also buy a pair of dumbbells and weights. CrossFit has simply brought variety to people's sports life.

Timofey: On average, a CrossFit subscription for 12 months costs more than a regular fitness club subscription. It all depends on what the person wants.

Crossfit as a way of life: the specifics of a popular healthy lifestyle trend. Personal experience

Photo: From the personal archive of athletes

- Is it possible, in principle, to refuse to visit the gym and practice, for example, on a sports ground on the street?

Pavel: Yes, you can go to the site. It's just that some people are afraid of this, they are shy. Another point is bad weather. Then it is better to go to the gym or study at home.

Timofey: I will say that not everyone can constantly practice on the street. It gets boring quickly. But, in principle, for a person who just wants to keep fit, it is quite enough to do periodic jogging on the street, to participate in tournaments. It doesn't take long.

- How did your competitive story start? After all, you can just practice for yourself, what motivated you to start preparing for the competition?

Pavel: We started to study for yourself. Even when we were at home on the horizontal bar, we ran and swam in the pool. At the university, we just went to physical education and sometimes attended a rocking chair. At the end of the fourth year (2012) we learned about CrossFit. I got the idea to just try. In 2014, when signing up for the EF CrossFit CrossFit gym, we already clearly understood that we wanted to get ready for the competition.
Reebok CrossFit Games and Regionals motivated videos. And what exactly is the athletic form of athletes, their training, the ability to do a lot.

- How did your first crossfit competition go?

Pavel: Specifically mine went terribly. It was winter Heraklion 2015, it seems. I was not ready for the barbell, I took what I could: 85 kg for 3 overhangs. The sled could not pull at all, his legs were kind of wadded. Although before that the task included running 400 m and 60 throws of a 9 kg ball, but it could not bear me so much then, although, apparently, it did.

Timofey: The first competition I had the Big Summer Cup 2016. It was very interesting and exciting to perform on a huge site at the Heraklion stadium. Lots of people, loud music, charged atmosphere. I did not complete all the complexes as I wanted, but I got a lot of experience. And yes, I never got so tired as during these three days of competition. But it was very cool.

- Is there a certain set of exercises (sub-disciplines) in crossfit tournaments, or are the stages in each competition completely different from one another in terms of content?

Timofey: Competitions are always different. You never know exactly what will happen. Sometimes certain tasks are known in advance. But you need to be ready for anything, as they say.

Pavel: There is a set of exercises in CrossFit. Barbell lifts (jerks, jerks), exercises with weights, dumbbells, exercises with your body weight (rope, rings, horizontal bar, push-ups, squats), rowing on a rowing machine, bike, ski simulator. There is also walking on your hands, doing push-ups in a standing upside down against a wall. This is an incomplete list. All exercises have variations. For example, you can do push-ups upside down against a wall with your hands on a dais (deficit push-ups). You can pull yourself up to the chin, or to the chest. It is possible in different styles (strict, swinging).
At competitions, exercises are often modified orsomething new is being thought up. Just look at the CrossFit Games. There are also classic tasks that have a standard execution time. There are no so-called stages in specific competitions. There is just a day or two or three for which the competition takes place. And the organizers are trying to come up with diverse tasks that test all the abilities of the athlete as much as possible.
And tasks, as a rule, do not repeat if we compare the most different competitions. Because in reality, the combinations of tasks are limitless, if you count the entire set of various exercises. There are thousands of assignments.

Crossfit as a way of life: the specifics of a popular healthy lifestyle trend. Personal experience

Photo: From athletes' personal archive

- What are your favorite tasks? Where are you strong? And what, on the contrary, do you consider your weak point?

Pavel: We really love gymnastics (pull-ups, push-ups on the rings), a mixture of gymnastics with cardio, also just cardio -work. The weak side is, probably, tasks with heavy weights.

Timofey: Definitely, I love tasks with walking on my hands. I consider myself strong in exercises such as pull-ups, bench press, running, walking on hands, push-ups in a handstand. But I don't like running. At the moment, the growth in the clean and jerk of the bar from the floor and in the deadlift is very difficult. Some stupor.
Weaknesses are revealed in the process of performing some complex. These weaknesses are always different, as there is always a different mix of exercises, weights and reps, and it affects my body in different ways.

- What are the expectations from participating in the Grand Cup this year? How is the preparation going?

Pavel: What are your expectations? It is excellent to cope with tasks so that after completion there are no thoughts about what could have done better somewhere. Well, we'll see. Film Preparation is in full swing. We try to cover the whole range of possible exercises and tasks.

Timofey: Preparation for BC 2018 is going on very intensively. Together with my brother, we try to work harder on what is difficult. Many factors influence the entry of an athlete into a competition: psychological preparation, physical fitness, judges. Everyone is ready to win physically. Morally no. So I try not to think negatively. I just want to enjoy the performance. And, of course, I'm ready to show everything I can do.

- Do you have any favorite motivating CrossFit accounts in networks or CrossFit videos that charge you to get up and go to train ?

Pavel: There is nothing specific. Just open YouTube and type, for example: CrossFit Motivation or CrossFit Games Motivation.

Timofey: For my brother and I, training is like work. We cannot afford to give up training for the day. There is not even such a thought in my head. If it's hard for me, then I just listen to my favorite music, drink my favorite pre-workout, and go to workout.
Although, perhaps, there is a motivating video:

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