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Cross-fit. You are stronger than you think

As part of our permanent heading, the Champ team goes to training again to tell you about the features and fresh trends in the world of fitness. Today we will attend a cross-fit training session hosted by Reebok in preparation for the Become Human race. A few words about the location: classes are held outdoors, on the site in Neskuchny Garden. On the one hand, the question arises: how can one do without equipment that can be easily obtained in the hall? On the other hand, it becomes even more interesting when you begin to guess what kind of program our coach Igor Izotov has prepared for us today.

18:01. Well well, let's go. We start, of course, with a warm-up. And I will not even dwell on this for a long time, I think that everyone understands that an eight-hour (or even more) working day in the office reduces physical activity to almost zero. Therefore, it is very important to properly load your body and pull everything that stretches with difficulty before starting a workout.

Cross-fit. You are stronger than you think

Photo: Reebok

Question to the coach : Are there any mistakes that beginners often make in their first trainings, and this not only does not make it easier, but also complicates the exercise several times over?

- The main mistake is the fear of starting, starting to force your body to work, it is very difficult and requires tremendous effort, but over time, looking back, you will be proud of yourself.

18:15 . The coach says that today we will train cool and take a break from a hard work week. Then he sends us for a run. I'll tell you right away: running on rough terrain is not easy, so don't even try to compare your achievements on a treadmill in a cozy fitness room with the time and distance that you will get at the finish line in the forest or park. Let's return to our running task: today in the group for beginners there are three circles. The first and the last we run as usual, but we overcome the second circle with our backs forward. Coordination fails, but you immediately feel an increased tension in the muscles (or is it just me? Try it).

Cross-fit. You are stronger than you think

Question to the coach : Endurance, physical strength - what other qualities does training help to reveal?

- Efficiency of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy.

18:32 . It's time to split into pairs and get a task that we will do for the rest of the training time (that is, about half an hour). Our program is as follows: first we run one circle, then we lunges - there should be 100 such attacks on the team, after which we start jumping onto the box (there must be 100 jumps on the team), we run another circle, repeat the jumps and lunges, but already 75 times, we run another circle and repeat the already known actions (in total for the team - 50 lunges and 50 bouncing), nopress another circle and here it is - the long-awaited finish.

Cross-fit. You are stronger than you think

Photo: Reebok

Question to the trainer : Why so many reps? 100, 75 - these are some semi-real numbers for ordinary fitness.

- What is ordinary fitness? I don't know about this one, tell us. ( Smiling. )

18:33 . It sounds like everything is not so scary. But then the coach announces that everyone will have to take a pancake on the team. I went for distribution, I don't remember all the stratifications, but I got a pancake for girls - such a thing weighs only 5 kg (like my bag in difficult working times). By the way, if you are interested and think that everyone here is getting high, like me, with a minimum weight, then this is not so, pancakes for girls, guys and men sorted out no less willingly - and these are 10, 15 and 20 kg. Now go back to the previous paragraph and re-read it. We do lunges with a pancake over our head, jump onto the box, of course, without it (boxes for girls are 65 cm high, and for guys - 75 cm) and run ... we run with a pancake. The coach says that you can't leave him - he will suddenly go somewhere.

Question to the coach : How to understand that the pancake has become very light and it's time to increase the weight?

- Coach, should I increase the weight ?. A person himself at a certain moment will feel that he can accomplish more.

18:35 . The trick of this whole story is also in the correct teamwork. Therefore, if you feel that your partner is completely giving up, you can jump for yourself and for that guy, or do lunges, or run with a pancake more than your colleague in the sports workshop. To make it easier to work in pairs, everyone was divided into a boy-boy and a girl-girl. But while your humble servant was taking notes in her iPhone, so as not to miss anything, the girls ran out, and I had to pair up with the only free guy on the site.

18:36 . Well, I think, class, we were each assigned a weighted pancake and a box. But do you remember that the coach strictly forbade throwing pancakes before going for a run? So, if correctly composed couples can decide among themselves which of them is running with a pancake on which circle (they have one for the team), and who is resting, then I have no choice and will have to drag around with my five-kilogram friend every time. By the way, you know, at the beginning of the complex it is not as frightening as in the third circle.

Cross-fit. You are stronger than you think

Photo: Reebok

18:45 . We are already doing our complex with might and main. The task is this: you cannot do exercises with a partner at the same time, you can only take turns. We came up with a life hack: when my colleague jumps off the box, I immediately jump on it. The boxes (fortunately we had two) were placed opposite each other. We count in turn, in fact, everyone needs to do the exercise 50 times. But it's not so easy for me to get used to, so my partner helps me out and saves me from having to do 10 jumps. I'm happyand, well, almost, we continue.

Question to the coach : What to do when it seems that you have no strength at all?

- Hmmm, try to think about to make one more movement, at least one ... Run another five meters, it's only 5 meters ... Then another, and another ... Thus, you leave your own comfort zone, overcoming yourself every time. And every such movement, every meter, every second of time is a victory and it is honest ... Because it is yours!

18:50 . We have more than half behind us, and the time is running out. The coach said that if we cheat, the burpees will punish everyone. I do not know what it is, but apparently something terribly sadistic (just kidding). I know of course, but it is not possible for me to perform another burpee approach (a mini-set of simpler exercises (push-ups, squats, jumps) performed without interruptions. - Ed.).

19:01 . Time is up, my colleague and I have already entered the penultimate running lap before starting 50 repetitions of jumps and lunges. But alas (or fortunately) ...

Cross-fit. You are stronger than you think

Photo: Reebok

Question to the trainer : How many times a week can you train this way?

- The training consists of functional movements performed with high intensity and maximum variability, so focus on your well-being. But in our program you will not get to the same workout, even if you do it every day.

19:05 . At the end of our workout, we spend some time stretching. This is important, a hitch is always important, I will never tire of repeating it.

Question to the coach : We were at a training session for beginners, what the hell awaits us at a training session for intermediate ones? The difference in the number of approaches or in fundamentally new exercises?

- No hell in training for advanced. It is simply assumed that if you come to such a training, you are already familiar with the basics of basic movements, are ready to show character in training and show everything that you are capable of.

19:15 ... Summarize. The sensations are outrageous. It is not clear where so much strength and energy was found in my body at the end of the working day. I feel that tomorrow will hurt, although the right hitch very often smoothes out sharp corners, so we'll see. Will I come again? Sure! Firstly, the coaches promise something new every time - it's interesting. Secondly, is this not team building for you? Feel free to grab your colleagues at the end of the day and go to the sports field. Third, outdoor training is what we've all been waiting for. It's time to get out of the stuffy halls and enjoy the wonderful weather.

Very soon we will definitely tell you about another workout that our editorial team took part in, in preparation for the Become Human in Kolomenskoye race.

Cross-fit. You are stronger than you think

Photo: Reebok

CROSSFIT - Pros and Cons (You Decide!)

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