How To Get A Body Like Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's body is only 7% fat. How did the footballer achieve this?

It has long been known that Cristiano Ronaldo is a fan of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The gym and intense exercise fill most of the Portuguese life. He adheres to a strict regimen to keep fit and dominate the pitch.

When Cristiano underwent a medical examination in Juventus in 2018, doctors were delighted with the athlete's uniform. Ronaldo has only 7% body fat, which is 3% less than the average professional footballer of his age, and muscle mass is 50% of the total body weight. Biologically, the Portuguese has the body of a 23-year-old man! How is this possible?

Nutrition: a 3,000 calorie protein diet

The Portugal captain follows a high protein diet high in whole grains with slow carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. And, of course, in order to keep such a low percentage of subcutaneous fat, he bypasses fast food, sweets, flour and alcohol. And he does not add sauces to food.

Cristiano consumes about 3000 calories a day and breaks the diet into six meals. The time between them is from two to four hours. This allows the athlete to maintain a high metabolic rate.

The main ways of cooking are grilled or in the oven. Cristiano prefers fish, and his favorite dish, Bakalau, is a mixture of cod, onions, potatoes and scrambled eggs. The footballer drinks a lot of water throughout the day. He uses a glass of freshly squeezed juice or fruit as a snack. She uses protein shakes and multivitamins from supplements.

Cristiano Ronaldo's body is only 7% fat. How did the footballer achieve this?

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Workout: Manic Body Work

Cristiano is manic about working on himself, he does a lot of individual work and excludes indulgences. And about his obsession with the gym has long been legendary.

Ronaldo spends all day in the gym, this is an obsession. If the training began at 9 o'clock, then you could arrive at 8 o'clock and see Cristiano there. Then you tried to arrive at 7:30 - and he was already there. Once I did everything to be in the gym before him, and arrived at the base at 6:30. But he was there. He was still sleepy, but he was already in the gym, - recalls former teammate Ronaldo Carlos Tevez .

In training, Cristiano focuses on strength, endurance, speed and functional state. He has three strength training sessions a week. In the gym, Ronaldo alternates between cardio and functional exercises. They change every time and fulfillXia at a fast pace. The athlete pulls up a lot, works with a barbell and dumbbells. It was rumored that the Portuguese was doing 3 thousand crunches per press a day, but he denied this information.

During quarantine, Cristiano came up with the Living Room Cup challenge, and its essence is the maximum number of crunches in 45 seconds. The footballer performed 142 reps.

Cristiano Ronaldo's body is only 7% fat. How did the footballer achieve this?

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Recovery procedures

Swimming is one of the best ways to recover from exertion. It is also a great workout for the whole body. Cristiano swims a lot with his son. He also runs on a special track at the bottom of the pool.

The athlete also has a special cryochamber , which he bought in 2013 for € 50 thousand. It is designed for extremely low temperatures - from -50 to -170 degrees - and helps to recover faster. Ronaldo also takes hot and ice baths.

Cristiano Ronaldo's body is only 7% fat. How did the footballer achieve this?

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A well-established sleep routine

In addition to training, Ronaldo pays great attention to rest. He does not sleep eight hours a day, like most people, but goes to bed several times a day. This technique is called cyclic sleep. For example, at night Cristiano can sleep for 4-6 hours, and for another 3 or 1.5 hours he sleeps during the day.

British scientist Nick Littlehale said that he has been working with Ronaldo for several years ... The main principles: sleep only on clean bedding, and the mattress should be about 10 centimeters thick. The room should not be hot, 16-18 degrees is optimal. The best sleeping position is the embryo position. The football player himself notes the value of such a rest:

Cristiano trained a lot during self-isolation at home, swam in the pool, rode a bike. And teammates highly appreciated his form. How did he return after quarantine? The same as it was. He is in perfect shape. This did not surprise me. He is a champion from every point of view, an amazing athlete and a great professional, "said Leonardo Bonucci .

Cristiano Ronaldo's body is only 7% fat. How did the footballer achieve this?

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Obsession and wild professorRonaldo's ionism allows him to be among the best on the football field at 35. While many stars reduce their demands or leave to work in other countries, the Portuguese continues to plow. With such an approach to business and with such a body, Cristiano may well finish the game up to 50 years.

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