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Crawl swimming technique. How to learn on your own?

It's not hard to guess that scuba diving is too radically different from normal. In my first training session, I absolutely did not understand what the “underwater breathing technique” is and how to properly keep the body on the surface. It seemed that everything was against you: you couldn't breathe out into the water, and the intervals on the surface were too small to take oxygen into the lungs, and the body inexorably fell down and did not want to fix itself on the surface. Now I understand that the whole point is that it was not worth starting at the limit of my capabilities, but first it was necessary to pay due attention to working out the technique. Correct technique, body position and breathing while swimming can work wonders and teach you less fuss in the water.

First, let's figure it out together: what is the correct (high) body position? This is a certain position of the swimmer's body when it is strictly on the surface of the water, at the same level. It is achieved due to several components:

Stretching out when swimming in the “arrow”

The so-called “arrow” is one of the exercises that is used in swimming when it comes to a small child ... Before training, I watched how very tiny novice swimmers, 4-5 years old, stood in the “arrow”, stretched out and raised their arms above their head, and the coach lifted them to a horizontal position above the water. As I was later explained, in this position, the child feels muscle tension - in the sides, in the stomach and his body automatically begins to remember the correct position for swimming. So it is necessary to be in the water - stretched out to the limit. Adults can use special boards to train the correct body position in the water.

Crawl swimming technique. How to learn on your own?

It would also be useful to stand against the wall at arm's length. Then take a step back. And now try to reach the wall without taking your feet off the floor. To do this, you will have to stretch.

The rule of four: four fingers look strictly at the wall, the big one to the side

We lean on the shoulder and lateral muscles - not on the palm. Rowing is done not by bending the elbow, but by moving the hand. From the starting position, when we stretched out on the water, the hand first goes back, then the forearm, and only last but not least - the elbow. This is called a high elbow stroke. This is done so that the swimmer has support on the water. The row should look like pushing off a wall.

Crawl swimming technique. How to learn on your own?


Tip - i - If you decide to learn how to crawl in open water, a wetsuit can help. Thanks to the special fabric, a swimming wetsuit (not to be confused with boarding wetsuits, for example) will push you out of the water. Therefore, you will be able to quickly reach the correct (high) body position.

Working with our feet

This is always difficult. Footwork comes from the hip - this is very important - not from the knee.The socks should be pulled in, and the knees should be bent only if we are talking about the crawl swimming technique. Legs should be practically straight, knees free, feet relaxed, toes pulled back.

Head up: how to determine the correct position?

The head lies on the water, pressed with the ear to the hand. In no case should it be lifted up strongly while inhaling. This again brings us to the conclusion: the whole body tends to a horizontal position.

Crawl swimming technique. How to learn on your own?


Next, we come to the position of the body in general. This is difficult, because in addition to the movements of its individual parts - arms or legs - there is a kind of through movement, namely the rotation of the body. This is quite aptly called a yacht or shoulder turn. The body seems to be turning around its axis to the side coinciding with the rowing hand.

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