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Course on cheerfulness: coffee map of Moscow

Often our productivity and vitality depend on coffee. Everyone is familiar with the situation when he runs to the nearest coffee shop before work, but when he leaves there, he is disappointed both by the price tag and by the taste of his favorite drink. That is why the production company Team +1 created the Coffee Map of Moscow. Denis Kargaev, the author of the map idea, told us how the favorite site of the capital's coffee lovers was created.

From idea to implementation

The first Coffee Map, released in 2015, had 41 coffee house. By 2018, the number of coffee shops on the map increased to 213.

Denis Kargaev, author of the Coffee Map of Moscow: Initially, the idea came to mind when we collaborated with the Caffe Del Parco coffee chain - visitors often asked them where else they could drink good coffee like yours. We decided to collect all the key coffee points of the capital in one place - we made a printed version, and then we launched the online version ourselves. In the first version, in 2015, there were 41 such places, and just two years later the number of our residents is approaching three hundred. We collected the first hundred coffee houses ourselves, and then requests from coffee houses, mini-chains and coffee enthusiasts literally fell in our mail. We still receive dozens of applications a month - we find the time, test and map worthy places.

Online or print? Choose yourself!

The online version of the Coffee Card is free. You can also purchase the printed version, which will serve as an excellent guide and a nice gift for all coffee lovers. A printed version of the Coffee Card can be purchased at many coffee shops, including Coffeemania, UDC Cafe, Doublebee and others. The full list of coffee shops can be found on the website.

The printed version is a great souvenir, its you can hang on the wall and apply places on it yourself. The online version is constantly updated, since December last year we have added more than 50 residents to it.

At first, it was difficult for us to decide and go to crowdfunding - it was not clear whether someone else needed it. And when they decided, everything became simple and interesting, there was both a designer of the printed version and an operator with whom the promo video was filmed. And, of course, the guys from Boomstarter were of great help, they arranged a real crowdfunding educational program for us.

During the implementation of the project, I realized that there are a lot of amazing people in this world - and both in large chains and in underground coffee machines. And a lot of people are ready to help you.

Now we are thinking about how to implement testing of coffee shops throughout the country so that Coffee Cards appear in other cities.

Top 4 coffee houses from the creator of the Coffee Map of Moscow

● Progress on Mayakovskaya:Denis recommends to try Flat White;

● Skuratov coffee roasters on Prospekt Mira: to recommendation - Air Latte;

● One Bucks Coffee on Novy Arbat: Cappuccino and cottage cheese casserole is a great combo;

● Wake up Boris on Chekhovskaya Street: A coffee shop in an unexpected place with an amazingly charming barista.

Can you?

We offer you a small challenge:

● Use the coffee card to find the coolest coffee shop near your home and work and enjoy your favorite coffee every day!

● Give a coffee lover friend a printed version of the Coffee Map of Moscow (its recommended cost is 100 rubles) and celebrate with him visited coffee shops of the city!

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