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Cooper's test. We check the condition of your body

In 1968, the renowned American medical practitioner Kenneth Cooper developed a number of tests to assess the physical condition and condition of the human body. Cooper's tests are simple and convenient, they have been tested by thousands of enthusiasts and can be recommended for people of different ages and physical fitness.

Two of them are widely known: the first test consists of a 12-minute run / swim or ride on bicycle with distance fixation and subsequent analysis of sports and medical indicators. The distance traveled is used to judge the level of physical fitness of a person. It is important that the test results are linked to age, this excludes the influence of age-related changes on the level of assessment of test results.

The second Cooper test is a set of exercises that are performed for a while. This complex will not only allow you to check your level of physical fitness, but will also give a fairly serious load on the cardiovascular system. To take the test at home, you will need a stopwatch (or a timer on your phone) and a gym mat, since some exercises are done from a supine position. You will have to do four circles, each of which contains four exercises, 10 repetitions each.

What does one circle consist of?

● 10 push-ups. We remain in the support lying.
● 10 jumps from the previous starting position. After completing, stay on your back.
● 10 lifts of the trunk or abduction of the legs behind the head.
● 10 squats, or jumps, or steps (not necessarily in a jump).

The essence of the test is that all circles must be completed in a short time period.

Your result. Grading system: three minutes or less is excellent, 3 minutes 30 seconds is good, 4 minutes or more is satisfactory.

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