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Cool off: the best outdoor pools in Moscow

Summer is in full swing, and the weather in the capital is improving every day. The only desire in such heat is to swim in cool water and sunbathe in the sun. We tell you about the best outdoor swimming pools in Moscow.

Aqua complex Luzhniki

The complex, which began its work in 2018, has two pools: a small one - 20 meters long and 150 cm deep, and a large - 50 meters long and 180 cm deep. A medical certificate is not required to visit the complex, but if your hair is below your shoulders, you must first get a pool cap. Additional services of the complex: fresh bar, food court, volleyball, table tennis.

Address: st. Luzhniki, 24, metro station Luzhniki, Sportivnaya, tel. +7 (495) 637-07-97
Working hours: 7:00 - 23:00
Website: www.aqua-luzhniki.ru
Cost: weekdays: 750 - 950 rubles. (hour); 1400 - 1800 rubles. (2 hours); weekend: 850 - 1000 rub. (hour); RUB 1,500 - 1,800 (2 hours); for pensioners and students - 350 rubles per hour. (weekdays from 11:00 to 14:00); beach pool: from 1500 rubles; subscription: from 10,000 rubles. More information about tariffs - here.

The Pool in Sokolniki

In the beach area of ​​the park there are two swimming pools (one heated), aerobics grounds and yoga, ping-pong tables and cafes, parties are held in the beach area every weekend.

Address: Mitkovsky proezd, 1 c. 1, Park Sokolniki, metro station Sokolniki, tel. +7 (925) 350-70-70
Working hours: 10:00 - 22:00
Site: park.sokolniki.com
Cost: weekdays (session / all day): standard zone - 400 rubles / 600 rubles VIP zone - 500 rubles / 1100 rubles for children, without a train - 150 rubles / 300 rubles Weekends (ceanc / weekday) standard - 600 rubles / 1400 rubles VIP zone - 800 rubles / 1700 rubles for children, without gear - 200 rubles / 500 rubles.

The Chaika Pool

The large outdoor pool, located almost in the center of Moscow, has special swimming training programs for children and adults, and also conducts various group classes. On the territory of the complex there are two adult and two children's pools, a gym, a room for group exercises, a bath complex, a tennis court, and a fitness bar.

Address: Typchaninov pepeylok , 1/3, st. m. Park of Culture, tel. +7 (499) 246 13 44
Working hours: Mon-Sat 7:00 - 22:45, Sun 8:00 - 21:00
Website: chayka-sport.ru
Cost: full day - 2000 rubles, two hours - 1000 rubles. There is also a subscription system, which can be found on the website.

Swimming pool in Severnoe Park Tushino

The 20-meter outdoor pool on a floating pontoon has everything you need to relax - sun loungers,cafe, children's room, as well as a sports ground.

Address: st. Freedom, house 56, art. m. Planernaya, Skhodnenskaya, tel. +7 (499) 557-03-48
Working hours: 10:00 - 23:00
Cost: price for a three-hour session: weekdays - 700 rubles, every next hour - 100 rubles weekends - 1000 rubles each next hour - 200 rubles On Mondays from 10:00 to 15:00 with a certificate, free admission for pensioners, persons with disabilities, orphans, children from large families.

World Class Kuntsevo

Indoor and outdoor pool at the disposal of club members. In addition, the complex houses a gym, a cardio area and a bath complex.

Address: 16 Ivana Franko Street, metro station Kuntsevskaya
Working hours: weekdays 7: 00-24: 00, Sat, Sun and holidays from 9:00
Site: worldclass.ru/clubs/ kuntsevo
Price: on request. A visit to the pool is included in the subscription price.

Swimming pool in Fili Park

Three heated swimming pools (two for adults and one for children) are also located on the floating pontoon and are only open during the summer season. There are volleyball and mini-football grounds, cafes.

Address: Bolshaya Filevskaya street, house 22, building 2, art. m. Bagrationovskaya, Filevsky Park, tel. +7 (916) 872-32-37
Working hours: 11:00 - 21:00
Website: parkfili.com
Cost: weekdays: adults - 200 rubles per hour, children - 150 rubles per hour, entrance for the whole day - 800 rubles Weekends: adults - 300 rubles per hour, children - 250 rubles per hour, entrance for the whole day - 1000 rubles.

Crocus Fitness First

Large outdoor workout area and swimming pool. In addition, the club has a separate functional training room - 400 m2. The spacious martial arts area includes an octagonal ring - the octagon. The club also has 7 rooms for group and personal training: 4 group rooms, of which one is 250 m2, a separate dance studio, a Pilates room and a cycle theater.

Address: 66th km of MKAD, shopping and entertainment complex Vegas Crocus City, st. m. Myakinino
Working hours: from 7:00 to 00:00
Site: crocusfitness.com/crocus-city
Cost : upon request. A visit to the pool is included in the subscription price.

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